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Online shopping can be overwhelming due to the vast array of product choices and the complexity of navigating through different options and features. It is often perceived as impersonal and lacking in personal touch, friendly advice, and guidance. Some people may feel that expert advice is necessary to navigate the endless options available.

What if there was a way to provide a high-touch experience in the digital realm? That’s exactly what Flyfish offers – making online shopping more personal.

What is Flyfish?

Flyfish enables brands to have free-flowing, one-on-one conversations with buyers, provide tailored advice, and drive-up sales through every channel. Our Consultative Sales AI blends product information with consumer context and provides the right advice along with product suggestions tailored to the customers’ needs.

Flyfish Consultative Sales AI

Sell with empathy

Consultative Sales AI enables brands to deeply understand unique buyer needs and provide tailored advice, without being pushy.

Flyfish Consultative Sales AI

Create an intuitive experience

Human-like, multi-turn conversations with consumers that mimics human interaction that helps build trust and increase loyalty.

Flyfish Consultative Sales AI

Engage on every channel

Enables brands to craft guided digital journeys across multiple touchpoints (web, app, IM) to increase buyer engagement and sales.

How does Flyfish work?

Flyfish provides a comprehensive and versatile platform that enables organizations to create a consultative selling experience that is unique to their brands across various touchpoints. The Consultative Sales AI serves as a friendly advisor, leveraging data from multiple sources to provide relevant product recommendations and assist customers at every step of their journey.

The platform also offers ready integration with a host of backend systems, such as CRMs, ERPs, customer data platforms, personalization engines, and others.

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Experience the next generation of AI-powered advisory

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Hyper-personalization at scale with GenAI

Understand consumer needs and context and share tailored advice. Create guided journeys to assist buyers at every step. 

Flyfish Consultative Sales AI

Personalized product recommendations

Built-in algorithm to match consumer needs with specific products. Supports integration with recommendation engines. 

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Human-like conversational experiences

Enable brands to have free-flowing, multi-turn conversations with customers in a language of their choice.

Flyfish Consultative Sales AI

Advanced contextual understanding

Built-in logic that refers to previous messages and provides coherent and contextual responses in real-time.

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Seamless transition to human advisor

Allows human advisors to step in during customers’ ‘moments of struggle’ or based on pre-defined triggers.

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Infinitely scalable with few-shot learning

Quick ingestion of new information (datasets) and instant training of the LLM ensures the responses are always relevant and accurate.

Transform customer experience with Consultative Sales AI

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Flyfish Consultative Sales AI

Increase digital sales

Cut acquisition costs

Increase C-SAT and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Flyfish revolutionizes online selling by bringing a personal touch to the digital experience. With Consultative Sales AI, brands can engage in one-on-one conversations, offer tailored advice, and boost sales across all channels. 

Flyfish’s comprehensive platform adapts to a brand’s unique needs and seamlessly integrates with backend systems, making it the ultimate solution for personalized and successful online selling.

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Consultative AI for Digital Sales

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