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GenAI Tagging

Improve pharma content efficiency with automated metadata creation

What is GenAI Tagging?

Fractal Health GenAI Tagging (GAIT) helps pharmaceutical companies improve content effectiveness by automating high-quality metadata creation for promotional content.  


Using advanced AI models, GAIT enables marketing and medical teams to create intuitive taxonomies and standardize content tagging. This surpasses traditional manual methods in both accuracy and efficiency. 


This precise tagging at scale and the accompanying detailed descriptions enable a smooth flow of information between systems while reducing manual tagging efforts by 90%.  


GAIT’s automated tagging saves time and increases accuracy by reducing manual errors. This improves operational efficiency and allows teams to focus on generating insights and enhancing their content effectiveness. 

Why GenAI Tagging?

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Intuitive taxonomy management

Creating and maintaining comprehensive taxonomies often requires specialized knowledge. GAIT allows customers to bring their existing taxonomy and work with the GAIT user to create a granular taxonomy definition.

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High-quality metadata and standardized tagging

Modifying existing tagging structures can be tedious and time-consuming. GAIT’s intuitive interface makes it easy to edit definitions and automatically assign accurate tags to your data, just like a human expert. This saves time and ensures clean, consistent data for all your systems. 

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Scaling with accuracy

GAIT effectively scales tagging processes for pharmaceutical companies, bringing about significant cost savings. This not only makes content analytics more affordable but also ensures higher accuracy compared to manual tagging methods.

Success story: Deploying Fractal Health Gen-AI Tagging solution for a leading pharma company


A leading pharmaceutical company faced a critical challenge in managing unstructured data files, particularly their promotional content


The primary objective was to deploy a robust solution capable of automatically generating informative metadata consistently and accurately for diverse data files. 


To solve these challenges, we deployed Fractal Health GenAI Tagging, powered by AWS, which helped the client streamline their content management efforts.


Cost reduction: Gen-AI Tagging achieved a remarkable 90% reduction in tagging costs compared to the previous vendor’s charge of $1.5 million. 

Automated tagging: Our solution seamlessly integrates and optimizes content and customer engagement, eliminating manual content tagging efforts.  

Scalability: This solution was initially deployed in three markets, but we are currently implementing it in over thirty additional markets.