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Next Best Action

Reimagine healthcare professionals (HCP) engagement and sales representative 

support with Generative AI

What is Next Best Action?

Next Best Action is a GenAI-powered solution that automates pharmaceutical companies’ engagement with healthcare professionals (HCP).  


It automates B2B and B2C omnichannel orchestration and enables pharmaceutical companies to optimize sales potential with personalized recommendations to improve interactions with HCP.  


By consolidating data from various sources into a comprehensive 360-degree HCP profile, it guides decisions on who to engage, what to share, when to share, and how to share. 


Next Best Action goes a step further by integrating a GenAI-powered chatbot that enables sales reps to generate persona insights and build individual profiles. This ensures timely and effective conversions through the right channels, ultimately boosting conversion rates and enhancing overall engagement. 

Develop Healthcare Providers' (HCP) engagements through personalization

Next Best Action helps develop Healthcare Providers’ (HCP) engagement through personalization.


WHO should we engage?  

Proactivity identifies key HCPs based on prescribing behavior and call notes. 


WHAT should they be detailed about? 

Ensures the timely delivery of relevant information to HCPs, tailored to their context. 


HOW should they be targeted? 

Considers HCP channel preferences and real-time availability for effective communication. 


WHEN they should be targeted? 

Schedules outreach based on communication segments, maximizing engagement. 

North-Star vision: Omnichannel NBA decision engine with Gen AI capabilities

Omnichannel NBA decision engine with Gen AI capabilities

Why Next Best Action?

Customize icon

Customization and Flexibility

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems and can be customized as the business evolves

Whitebox solution icon

Whitebox solution and explainability

Deployment in the client’s AWS environment with full control & explainable recommendations

Vendor onboarding icon

Third-party vendor's
data onboarding

Seamless onboarding of 3PV data and dissemination of recommendations in 3PV channels

Cost saving icon

Long-term cost saving

Save on customization and integration with in-house deployment

Success Story: Large pharma personalizes global communication for better engagement and sales


A leading pharmaceutical company wanted to prioritize and personalize global communication with healthcare professionals (HCP) for better engagement and sales


Fractal implemented its Next Best Action solution to scale and customize user engagement using CRM and HCP interaction data. The solution leveraged AWS services such as Redshift, DynamoDB, and Amazon S3 to identify optimal HCP representative channel combinations and timing of interaction.


  • 30% increase in accepted call rates  
  • 5% increase in email open rates  
  • Rapid deployment in 5 global markets  
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