Retail Media Networks

Maximize the value of customer data through Retail Media Networks Analytics

What does Fractal's Retail Media Networks Analytics accelerator entail?

Fractal’s Retail Media Analytics accelerator combines an analytics-driven solution and data-backed strategies supported with a team of retail industry experts. 

Our insights elevate customer data, while our measurement solutions assist in optimizing media spending across both onsite, in-store offsite channels, offering a comprehensive omni-channel perspective. 

With a foundation built on robust data and embedded analytics, our team delivers a range of benefits across different facets of Retail Media.

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Process automation around operational efficiency

Insights icon 1

Insights as a service featuring path to purchase studies, econometrics, and behavioral insights

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Unified measurement studies leveraging incrementality, attribution & Media Mix Modelling (MMM)

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Automated campaign performance reporting tool and sales enablement apps, facilitating quick decision-making

Key RMN capabilities

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Yield management and inventory pricing

What is the online inventory optimal price?

How to differentially price the inventory?

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Measurement as a

Who did the media reach?

How much revenue can be attributed to those media impressions?

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Joint business planning and execution

How do I set up a consultative sales capability?

How do I solve my advertisers’ key business objectives ?

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Insights as a service and custom activation

How do I maximize the value of my unique 1st party data? 

How do I ensure better relevance and targeting of this data?

Solution components

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Audience Insights

Segmentation for generating insights and activating targeted audiences, ultimately focusing on a higher return on the brand’s retail media investment.

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Analytics, diagnostics, and advisory solutions

Identifying areas of opportunity for value creation and swiftly optimizing campaigns using analytics and benchmarks.

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Advance measurement

Evaluating marketing and campaign effectiveness through the utilization of cookie-less measurement techniques.

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Tailored reporting

Providing top-tier campaign performance reporting for both internal and external teams to unlock actionable insights.


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Scaling an RMN having $300M+ annual media investment

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Conducted and implemented incrementality & MMM studies

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Established 1 central data source for analysis

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80% reduction in time spent on campaign reporting

Fractal’s solution empowers Retail Media Networks of various sizes and types, ranging from grocery to specialty retailers in health, beauty, and personal care categories, among others.

In certain cases, standard retail media measurement solutions may not fully cater to a retailers’ specific requirements. Therefore, Fractal also provides services to assist in customizing the solution to adapt to each retailer’s unique business needs.

To maximize ROI and time to market, our approach is to offer a solution that focuses on maximizing the value derived from exiting datasets and technology investments.