Fractal is a “Leader” in AI and Analytics Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021 by…
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Fractal is a “Leader” in AI and Analytics Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021 by Everest Group

Fractal is a

Fractal is a “Leader” in AI and Analytics Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2021 by Everest Group

Fractal’s two-decade journey has always been about solving real-life problems at scale. This approach has allowed us to work with the world’s favorite Fortune500 brands and receive several recognitions, the recent one being named a leader in the Peak Matrix 2021 Assessment by the Everest group.

The assessment places Fractal as a leader in both categories of evaluation; Market Impact and Vision & Capability. The four of the other seven sub-criteria Fractal scores high on include:

  • 1. Market adoption – Number of clients, revenue base, YoY growth, and deal value/volume,
  • 2. Portfolio mix – Diversity of client/revenue base across geographies and type of engagements
  • 3. Vision and strategy – For the client and itself; future roadmap and strategy,
  • 4. Innovation and investments – In technology IP, industry/domain knowledge, innovative commercial constructs, alliances, M&A, etc

While enterprises are quick to adopt outcomes-based AI initiatives, data-related hurdles, shortage of analytics and AI talent, and lack of organizational readiness to adopt new technologies make it challenging to reap the benefits of these efforts.

This is how the right AI analytics provider can augment your business

  • Proactive investments in data engineering capabilities = Smooth adoption and scaling of AI initiatives;
  • Expertise in domain/industry-specific requirements = AI initiatives aligned to enterprise vision;
  • Acquiring and upskilling advanced analytics & AI talent = Fresh ideas and the ability to deliver future-proof strategies.

5. Fractal is constantly looking for newer ways to invest in the latest and the greatest innovations, diversify and advance our domain expertise and insights, and upskill to combat the challenges of the changing world. We are ever-evolving to ensure the same for our clients, and we do this through our 3I approach.

Our approach

Fractal works with over 100 of the Fortune500 across various industries and solves the toughest of challenges to deliver enterprise vision. We do this with our 3I approach to AI and analytics.

1. Investment in innovation

Fractal proactively invests in the latest technological capabilities & innovation. There are five key components that we are actively working on.

  • Fractal Dimension – This is our strategic unit that solves our client’s complex and unstructured problems through AI, engineering, behavioral science & design. We look at problems through the lenses of intelligence, emotion, speed, and scale.
  • AI Ethics – With data security concerns becoming a major challenge today, Fractal has launched a constitution, committee & playbook with our clients’ to address concerns and bring transparency, accountability, fairness, privacy, humanity.
  • Quantum Computing – Fractal focuses on emerging areas and works closely with cloud providers to shape the future of computing to help carbon footprint. Our AI solutions –,, and Forsient, are available on AWS for high scalability and agile deployments, accelerating our client’s digital journey.
  • Computational Neuroscience (CN) – CN captures human brain work in the mathematical form. We believe that the human brain could inspire and be a validator to design the future AI. We are collaborating with researching universities in US, UK & India to explore & experiment on this topic.
  • User Centricity – Fractal’s acquired Final Mile, a behavioral science company with a dedicated team of over 100 designers & behavioral scientists. We use a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to understand underlying behaviors’ personal and social context and design behavior change strategies and tools for our clients.

These efforts have led us to several interesting collaborations and inspired us to design innovative solutions.

Today, we are the 10th largest ISV partner to Azure for analytics and AI in the US. The cloud hosts some of our sought after solutions and products like:

  • Foresient for highly accurate and speedy forecasting at scale,
  • for revenue growth in CPGs,
  • Concordia for democratization across the enterprise for faster and better decisions,
  • CruxIntelligence, a mobile-first data analytics tool,
  • Customer Genomics, for executing the Best Next Experience for every customer at any stage in their relationship journey

2. Interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving

Fractal takes an interdisciplinary approach to solving our clients’ toughest challenges. We believe the key lies in finding the sweet spot between AI, engineering, and design and working decision-backward to address the enterprise problem. To achieve this, we focus on some key areas.

  • Building capabilities – Fractal discovers, empowers, and works with like-minded people. This has led us to acquire Samya to bring 10x improvement over traditional approaches to revenue growth and Streamflux to operationalize AI through cloud and engineering for our clients.
  • Data engineering – Building solutions across industries & verticals with patented deep-learning-based solutions to analyze unstructured data like dCrypt for text mining and IVA for image analytics.
  • Design & behavioral scienceFractal Experience is our design & behavioral scientists team. They run iterative design thinking processes to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and identify alternative strategies and solutions. Streamflux is the bespoke data streamlining solution that uses models to assess user behavior and answer complex questions.

3. Induction of a robust talent supply chain

We believe that a great workplace and work culture is at the core of designing productive, customer-centric solutions. The talent supply chain is our backbone, with continuous endeavors to grow and improve it.

  • Development – We focus on talent development and invest in extensive internal training programs to build talent with advanced skill sets,
  • Investments – Our investment in Analytics Vidhya – the world’s largest analytics and data science community of a million registered users support us to build a new talent supply chain,
  • Work culture – We are consistently recognized as a “Great Place to Work” and have emerged as the “Best Place to Work for Women in 2020-21.”
  • Innovative hiring programs – We have programs like Imagineers, Crossover, and Reboot to diversify our talent pool and find the right set of people to join the Fractal team.

Looking to augment your enterprise vision with AI and analytics?