Make the most of your data

Data is crucial when it comes to building, streamlining and growing your business. However, getting the full value out of data can be a challenge - many organizations are faced with poor access to data, incompatible tools, spiralling costs and slow results.

Simply put, leaders who can turn raw data into real results will thrive in today’s landscape. The key to this is empowering everyone across your business to be able to analyze, build and collaborate on end-to-end AI and machine learning solutions in one place, fast.

StreamFlux: A bespoke, streamlined solution

Streamflux is a one-stop shop to meet your data analytics and AI challenges. Our self-serve platform allows you the freedom to build end-to-end data solutions, uses models to answer complex questions and assesses user behaviors.

Whether you’re predicting customer churn and future revenue, or generating recommendations, you can go from raw data to genuine business impact in days, not months. Here’s how:


Accelerate your ML and AI

Build effective ML and AI strategies for your data up to 10x faster, with an extensive library of operators, and 30+ models to build, test and schedule.


Democratize your data

Pre-built components, reusable workflows and a drag and drop interface make for an easy-to-use system, with no expert knowledge required.


Tailored to you

We’re invested in your success. This isn’t just a plug and play purchase: we’re here to help you, every step of the way.

Key features


Data processing and analytics

Speed up your data enrichment, data wrangling, data preparation for ML use cases, and experiment faster than ever.


Data science and machine learning

Our automated ML solution can be used by everyone, making model training and evaluation quick and simple.


Empower your workforce

With a simplified workflow, you’ll be able to upskill your existing workforce with minimal effort and leverage their data experience to use new technology.

Our capabilities

Hundreds of components, operators, algorithms and cutting-edge tech are woven together within the Streamflux platform to enable data engineers and data scientists to innovate, collaborate and accelerate time to market.


Streamflux integrates with a vast array of existing libraries, over numerous platforms, interacting seamlessly with your data pipelines.

Our experts


Sandeep Mehta

Client Partner



Divya Rakesh

Vice President



Empower your business

Streamflux is the simple, speedy choice to help you harness the power of AI and machine learning, and to help make your data work for you.

If this sounds interesting, we’d love to hear from you. Start your journey to becoming an AI-led, data-driven enterprise today.

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