Intelligence & Emotion at Speed & Scale

Fractal Dimension is our way of partnering with you to realize the desired state of your most complex, unstructured challenges.

We’ve integrated AI, Engineering, Cognitive Sciences & Design into a unique partnership model to help you frame problems, uncover solution dimensions, structure complete 'state-change' programs to deploy innovation at scale.

Our Approach

See through Complexity

We look at problems through the lenses of intelligence, emotion, speed and scale to make complexity solvable. Without over-simplifying or getting biased by incrementality, our approach enables you to take a decisive leap.

Dimensionalize Problems

We invest in building expert perspectives on the most pressing problems of today's leaders. By exposing key problem dimensions we’re able to map the current and potential states, giving you the right levers to drive change.

Activate state-change programs

We facilitate the framing of a shared desired state for your enterprise and co-create an end-to-end program. This involves creating momentum for transformation and tools to drive commitment within your organisation.



Reimagining Personalization

Customer Genomics 3.0 reimagines personalization with Emotions and Intelligence @ Speed and Scale.


COVID-19 Hub

The 360-Degree architecture provides a holistic perspective for operationalizing vaccination.


DTX: Disintermediation

Building experiences and mutually beneficial relationships between brands and its advocates.


Synchronous Route to Market

Bringing together the dimensions of Agility, Intelligence & Trust to build on the foundational pillars of RTM.


Customer & Prospect Engagement Engine

Optimizing for the dimensions of comprehensive prediction of lifetime value.


Fractal Dimension’s approach to build a country’s readiness for its COVID Vaccination Program

Fractal Dimension in Governance (special reference to Election process)

Imagine a world where Amazon is the biggest search engine

Understanding the complex world of sports analytics

Building an ethical AI, in the content of GPT-3