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  • Fractal is an advanced Consulting & ISV partner, and a member of the AWS accelerate program.
  • A global MSA with AWS enables Fractal to work with AWS professional services across geographies.
  • Through an AWS partnership, Fractal can deliver and deploy AI solutions at scale for clients to transform their data to decisions journey.

Fractal AWS Competencies

AWS retail competency badge


AWS Retail Competency Partners accelerate retailers’ modernization and innovation journey across all areas in the enterprise.


Data & Analytics

AWS Data and Analytics Competency Partners help customers evaluate and use the tools and best practices for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data at any scale.


Financial Services

AWS Financial Services Competency Partners help customers identify and connect with industry-leading Consulting and Technology APN Partners with solutions for banking and payments, capital markets, and insurance.

Fractal Solutions and Capabilities

Fractal Health Patient Jarvis

Improve pharmaceutical companies’ decision-making by providing better patients, physicians, and market insights

Fractal Health Next Best Action

Help pharmaceutical companies improve customer engagement and conversion rates using AI-powered insights

Fractal Health GenAI Tagging

Help pharmaceutical companies improve content effectiveness by enabling better decision-making

Fractal Health Intelli Market

A one-stop accelerator for all the promotional measurement, marketing simulation, and budget optimization needs

Fractal Health RAISE

AI-powered solution that helps organizations accelerate Population health and Health Equity journeys

Customer Genomics

AI-powered automated customer intelligence platform which powers the Next Best Action at any stage in the customer journey

Fractal Offering

Our offerings enables enterprises to build and run modern data estates


AWS Data platform
  • Data platforms-as-a product
  • Data platform framework: Connection & Transformation services
  • Semantic domain data model

Data Governance

AWS Data governance
  • Data Quality Framework
  • Unified Metadata Catalog
  • Governance Framework>

Enterprise Ops

AWS Enterprise Ops
  • DevSecOps across the entire data estate
  • Infra, Platform, Tools, ETL, Models, Reporting, Digital Apps, SRE

Decision Systems

AWS Business Solutions
  • Digital + Data + Intelligence
  • Support, Augmentation, Automation
  • Human-machine collaboration


  • Maturity Assessment
  • Release Management, Release reliability
  • SecOps integrated with CI/CD pipelines
  • Cost reduction and scalability
  • Resource allocation and security
  • Enhanced operation efficiency and zero manual errors

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Enabling personalized healthcare at scale with GenAI

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Scale AI model governance with the AI factory framework

Success Stories

Building a Gen-AI Tagging (GAIT) platform powered by AWS for a leading pharma company

Building a GenAI tagging (GAIT) platform

Insurance company

Optimize call center operations using GenAI


Improved bag prediction for a top U.S Airline

Large Australian bank identifies the root cause of customer DSAT and enhances self-service experience using GenAI on AWS

Enhance self-service experience using GenAI

EBook: Unlock the potential of generative AI with Amazon Web Services

Fractal AWS Leadership Team


Dylan Dias

Chief Alliance Officer


Vikram Magon

Head – AWS Alliances


Vijay Chidambaram

Head – AWS Engineering


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