Our Partnership

Fractal is a top Build and Services, Data and AI Partner with Google. As partners, we bring together capabilities on the cloud and deep expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. We use analytics and a cloud-first approach to develop, operationalize and scale AI solutions, helping our customers optimize and drive business growth.

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Case Studies

  • Reducing Customer Churn
    1 min. read

    Reducing Customer Churn

    Background A leading Telecom & Media firm required an advanced analytical framework to evaluate the key drivers of customer experience and proactively prevent churn on an ongoing basis. Approach Developed simple...

  • Cloud Migration: Reporting
    1 min. read

    Cloud Migration: Reporting

    Background A leading retail firm abandoned its on-premise systems and migrated its entire dataset to GCP. They needed help rewriting existing reports, used by internal physical systems, and moving to GCP...

  • Real-Time Data Platform
    1 min. read

    Cloud Migration: Real-Time Data Platform

    Background A multi-national retailer needed a migration strategy and roadmap to begin its cloud journey. This included a next generation architecture to support the client’s real-time platforms (i.e. their online...

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