F100 CPG Manufacturer: Enabled a scalable and replicable one-stop product for all key eCommerce analytics needs

Business problem

Collecting data from various sources (especially scraping data from unstructured reports), harmonization of data coming from various sources into a common single structure, classifying products using ML, and advanced analytics on the combined dataset.​

Fractal solution

  • Fractal helped build an eCommerce Analytics MVP. This product collects and harmonizes data from various sources and prepares the data for analytics.​
  • Accessed the right data and its harmonization​​
  • Building scalable pipelines which can ingest data from various sources into a data lake and warehouse while following all access and governance policies was the key.

Business outcomes & impact delivered​


Rather than having multiple versions of similar datasets for each project team, a common data lake and warehouse were built to report a single source of truth​​.


​Harmonization of data coming from certain vendors, which have their own product classification techniques, enhanced the analytical and reporting capabilities.


Key reports from certain vendors were also integrated to deliver a complete picture of the business.​​

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Google Cloud services​

Google Cloud Consumption Estimate $12,000 (annually) for 10 GB of data

Google Cloud services Big Query

Big Query

Google Cloud services compute engine

Compute Engine

Google Cloud services Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Fractal's value proposition

Scraping data from unstructured sources like reports, which are meant for human readability, improved the scope of analysis that can be performed.
Harmonization of all sources, either using business mapping or machine learning, has simplified key integration issues and simplified the data model.
Designed the complete architecture and pipeline in a way that can be easily replicated for similar use cases.

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