AI Enabled Innovation…Can we predict next Innovation?

Speaker : Eugene Roytburg


AI Enabled Innovation…Can we predict next Innovation?

Event Host

Product Management & Innovation 2018

Event Date

June 8, 2018 – Chicago

Session Summary
  • With all seemingly unpredictable changes in the marketplace with this ever-demanding consumer, when you see new product platforms (iphone), new business model (Uber) appearing almost from “nowhere”, how can anyone continue innovate with some sense of certainty and stability?
  • We will demonstrate how Fractal’s AI enabled Predictive Innovation solution can do just that…
  1. Help identify and predict changes in consumer needs and behaviors
  2. Given these changes, simulate most optimum combination of product attributes to satisfy future needs
  3. Suggest new innovation platforms and products
  • We will share multiple examples of how Predictive Innovation helped many clients to bring best innovations to the market
  • We will also show how the companies can effectively integrate Predictive Innovation with their internal innovation processes to bring new innovation in consistent and more predictable fashion.

Sheraton Chicago O'Hare

AI Enabled Innovation…Can we predict next Innovation?

Eugene Roytburg

Managing Partner, Growth & Foresight Analytics @ Fractal Analytics