For healthcare organizations, as automation and analytics are leveraged to an ever-increasing degree, optimizing processes has become a greater imperative. To achieve this, digital transformation efforts are underway with the aim of removing inefficiencies and human errors, along with bringing faster turnarounds and reduced costs.

However, while most organizations have started to deploy solutions to streamline their processes, very few have been able to develop a holistic view and achieve the end-to-end automation that they seek.

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15% of healthcare spending is attributed to administration and insurance billing costs. Intelligent Process Automation can save your business time and money.

The Challenge

Traditional healthcare and life sciences (HLS) processes are fragmented and highly manual, and the availability of clean data is limited. These factors have made the expectations of faster turnaround times harder to meet, having a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

To meet these issues, healthcare organizations require a comprehensive and user-friendly approach that is based on composable architecture and machine learning models. With ProPay.Bot – our cognitive automation framework and accelerator – we can help meet these challenges.

Realize the benefits of automation

Intelligent process automation can produce significant results for your business, with some key examples being:

Intelligent Process Automation

Better identification of opportunities for revenue optimization.

Intelligent Process Automation

Improved efficiency and quality of processing administrative requests

Intelligent Process Automation

Enhanced member and provider experience

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Intelligent Process Automation

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