Still struggling with
maximizing your share of
wallet this holiday season?

While Consumer sentiment is slowly improving, the forecast for the overall holiday season is still hazy. Retailers need to stay on top of the game and leverage existing data to make informed decisions. Our Retail Analytics Leader’s guide will help drive some steps you could take!

Retailers are turning to several key solutions, with Analytics and AI at the center to address the needs of the holiday season:

Inflationary Environment

Extended Holiday Season

Digital and Conscious Shopper


Customer-Centric Assortment

Stand out by providing a unique and differentiated assortment that matches the holiday trends


Digital, Seamless Experience

Eliminate friction from the customer experience during a hectic time of year


Competitive Pricing

Pricing and promo strategies need to be designed factoring in competition to enable faster product sell through and boost margins.



Reach your customers with efficient fulfillment options that make shopping easier than ever


Expansion of AI

Optimize with AI. Merchants are increasingly turning to Analytics and AI, including Gen AI, to drive change across all areas of business

Answer the most important questions with Fractal’s range of Advanced Analytics and AI offerings…


& Price Intelligence

  • How do I use demand forecasting to better optimize my Pre and In-season assortment?
  • How are my competitors positioning their pricing for the holidays?
  • What promotions should I run, in-line with current customer preferences?


  • How can I optimize the time and cost of my deliveries with root-cause assessment?
  • How do I best distribute my inventory to keep items flying off shelves?
  • How can I manage risks and monitor the status of my fulfillment channels in real time?


  • How do my customers like to shop during the holidays?
  • How do I best reach my customers early in the holiday season?
  • Where are digital anomalies and friction impacting my customers’ digital purchase journey?

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    …And drive real impact for your business to win the holiday season


    Competitive Assortment & Pricing Intelligence


    reduced forecasting error
    through multi-layer Demand Forecasting during Pre & In-Season Planning for a global top sports-fashion retail brand


    increase in annual expected revenue
    from a weekly promotion planner/optimizer for a leading CPG firm to drive growth and enable customer collaboration


    accuracy in matching
    from a competitive pricing analysis for a major international retailer


    Customer Analytics & Personalization


    incremental annual sales
    for a Fortune 50 Grocer by establishing end-to-end shopper insights and campaign performance analytics


    annualized revenue growth
    for a Fortune 50 telecom giant by improving the web experience by eliminating digital friction


    increase in gross sales
    from a product recommendations-based personalized email campaign for a Global office supplies retailer


    Fulfillment Optimization


    improvement in service levels
    by predicting delivery reliability and enabling early interventions for a CPG leader


    reduction in freight costs
    for a consumer electronics leader through and systematic modelling and optimization, by decreasing suboptimal and split shipments


    accuracy in shipping forecasting
    for an Australian logistics provider through SKU mapping and pick-facing

    Rework – Business impact matrix
    DE + gen AI lens

    Fractal’s Advanced Analytics and AI offerings to win the holidays and beyond

    Competitive Assortment

    Stock the items you know your customers will love this holiday season
    • AI-driven assortment
    • Meet evolving customer demands
    • Adapt strategies to optimize sales
    • Enhance customer satisfaction with dynamic assortments
    • Real-time adjustments to capitalize on emerging trends

    Pricing Intelligence

    Optimize your pricing and promotions to win the most competitive time of year
    • Real-time insights into your competitors pricing
    • Enhance margins with optimized pricing
    • Inform decisions with AI insights
    • Proactive strategies based on the competition
    • Maximize return on holiday deals & specials

    Customer Analytics

    Understand how the needs and preferences of your consumers shift
    • Identify & match consumer preferences
    • Generate and automate detailed insights about your customers
    • Spending & transaction analytics
    • Analyze & improve customer lifetime value
    • Understand drivers of conversion/friction


    Cater to your most valuable customers with targeted offerings and services
    • AI-driven next-best-action framework
    • Personalized marketing initiatives
    • Target big holiday spenders
    • Generative AI sales and customer support
    • Drive traffic towards holiday offerings