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Beyond the curve: Deconstructing consumer mindsets in the world post-COVID

  Thursday, September 10

The pandemic has become the first health and humanitarian crisis, that’s driving a change wave in the economy and businesses world over. Are we moving towards the next ‘normal’ or a changed reality, encompassing complexity, uncertainty, and opportunities?
The consumer has changed and what we are now moving towards is creativity and innovation in this VUCA world. Watch this webinar where
Kalindi Mehta
Kalindi Mehta

Kalindi Mehta

Director, Consumer and Market Insights, North America Division ,
Colgate Palmolive

Kalindi Mehta is an experienced Insights and Analytics professional, a strategic advisor, thought leader and people manager with a pioneering attitude and passionate advocacy for human centricity. She has 19 years of experience across multi geographies and in different cultural contexts. She is seen as an expert in people & cultural understanding in both developed markets like the US as well as emerging markets like China and India.

She currently leads Insights and Analytics for Colgate Palmolive, NA where her role entails leading a team that is focussed on building deep empathy with consumers and helping translate that human empathy and cultural understanding to business plans, brand strategies & innovation. She has in recent times focused on driving foresight across the organization. Her past experience is largely with Colgate Palmolive in leading roles in Asia Pacific, Philippines, India as well as at a Global Corporate team. 

Kalindi completed her education in India - with a Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Mathematics and an MBA focussed on International Marketing. She is trained Design Thinking Catalyst (Stanford Design School Program), Behavioural Science advocate (Yale Bsci Immersion) and Agile way of working coach (recently completed). She has completed Global Leadership Executive Program from Tuck School of Business in 2019.

Anurag Vaish
Anurag Vaish

Anurag Vaish

Co-Founder, FinalMile Consulting & Chief Practice Officer - Behavioral Sciences & Design, Fractal

Anurag is an Entrepreneur, Behavioral Science and Design Practitioner, Advisor and Mentor. In 2007, Anurag helped found Finalmile Consulting, the first Behavioral Sciences based strategy and design firm in the world. In these years, he helped build & institutionalise Behavior Architecture - a research, strategy and design process - to influence complex contexts like HIV, Sanitation, Road & Rail Safety, Financial Inclusion, Children and Adult Learning.

In his current role, he is mandated to build the Behavioral Sciences and Design practice at Fractal and institutionalise a problem solving method that integrates AI, Engineering and Design.

He is an ardent Liverpool and F1 fan with an insatiable appetite for travel, discovery and open water diving.

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Shivani Gupta
Shivani Gupta

Shivani Gupta

Behaviour Architect - Design Research & Strategy ,

Shivani is a part of the Behavioural Science & Design team at Fractal. She brings in the expertise of helping organizations leverage a combination of applied behavioral science, cognitive neuroscience, and design strategy to understand and positively shape decision-making across problem contexts. Shivani specializes in bringing together the worlds of design strategy x applied behavioural sciences, to better understand and design for underlying human motivations, values, mental models, and emotions; and find meaningful overlaps with data & AI.  

She comes with a keen interest in leveraging human understanding to shape decision-making for businesses and individuals – driving responsible, meaningful applications of AI.

sharing their thoughts in the changed world in front of us.

Today, businesses must accelerate, become resilient as well as agile. It is about adaptability, with a strong ground differentiating between adapting to cope and adapting to win. For a VUCA proof strategy, businesses must adapt to a forward-looking lens and an internal looking lens. While the first one observes and reacts to trends and consumer behavior, the other looks into aligning resources and capabilities to match the changed requirements and goals. 
No one strategy can work across different businesses, however understanding, connectivity, adaptability, and vision are some essential elements. Join us in our Fractal webinars where we talk to leaders and understand how businesses can address the changes required in this changed environment, at speed, and scale.