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Is your Organization an Analytics Rockstar or Straggler?

A survey for Analytics/AI transformation

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What is the Analytics/AI benchmark survey?
The Analytics/AI benchmark survey, will help you understand,

  • Where does my organization rank on the analytics/AI maturity curve?
  • Where should my organization start improving its capabilities?
  • What areas are keeping me from realizing the full value from my analytics/AI investments?
  • How can analytics be a more central tool for decision-making?
  • What factors will turn analytics from a contributor to a competitive advantage?
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What can you expect from this survey?

The first step to improving your analytics capabilities is to know where you stand with respect to your peers. It starts with us giving you an all-round view of your analytics organization by leveraging our ‘house of analytics’ framework for benchmarking. This looks at how your organization is performing against best practices in four key areas

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By finding out answers to these benchmark questions, we measure your performance relative to your peers on a quadrant. Here, the aQ score measures your analytics goals, development and activation, while the aV score reveals how much value you gain from analytics compared to your peers.

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Your benchmark responses will allow us to calculate your AQ and AV score relative to your peer…

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