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With AI and big data becoming more ubiquitous in enterprises, algorithms are making more decisions and, in some case, better ones. Kenneth Cukier explores how this affects the ways that companies are organized and how they compete & set strategy as he outlines what is happening now and what to expect in the future.


Kenneth Cukier, Senior Editor at The Economist and coauthor of The New York Times bestseller “Big Data: A revolution that transforms how we live, work and think”

Discover the possibilities of AI. Learn where and why to use AI to solve problems faced by your organization due to lack of resources.


Abhijit Akerkar, Head of Applied Sciences, Business Integration, Lloyds Banking Group

Rahul Desai, Client Partner, Fractal Analytics

Priyank Patwa, Head of AI & Machine Learning, M&G Prudential

A deeper understanding of human behavior – “why” people behave the way they do, is required to design solutions for non-conscious behavioral change. Learn how to design a solution with the user in mind by incorporating human behavior (this doesn’t mean just UI/UX).


Biju Dominic, CEO and Co-founder, FinalMile Consulting

This ai.nyc event keynote will reveal why AI is not enough for solving problems at scale, and what is needed beyond AI to do it. Learn the new recipe for problem – solving.


Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder, Group Chief Executive & Executive Vice-Chairman, Fractal Analytics

Analyst & Media Coverage


Intuition, Emotional Skills of Humans Will Still Prevail in the Age of AI, Experts Say

WSJ covers AI.now workshop, highlighting how many firms & analysts see big value in AI coming out when it’s paired with human workers, in what’s known as “AI augmentation”.

IDC Market Note: Creating the Link Between Artificial Intelligence and Business Value

IDC Market Note: Creating the Link Between Artificial Intelligence and Business Value

This IDC Market Note shares Fractal Analytics’ position on how to link AI and business value and the practical techniques to maximize AI throughout your enterprise.


Fractal Analytics defines ‘speed reference’ for AI engineering & design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for human decision-making software company Fractal Analytics this week held its ai.lcy (pronounced: AI-el-see-why) event in London.


Lloyds Banking Group and M&G Prudential share learnings on AI in financial services

The financial services organisations were speaking at a Fractal Analytics event in London, where they both spoke about the importance of getting the business on-side when focusing on AI outcomes.

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