Audacious Possibilities Through Data Analytics
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Audacious Possibilities Through Data Analytics

Why do legacy CPG brands need to tap better into analytics to future-proof their business? Tune in to this podcast for perspectives from Maria Macuare, VP of data & analytics from Campbell Soup Company, and Dipita Chakraborty, CPG Chief Practice Officer of Fractal.

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Audacious Possibilities Through Data Analytics

Dipita Chakraborty
CPG Chief Practice Officer, Fractal

The supply chain chaos of the pandemic and the disruptions by D2C brands have propelled digital acceleration across industries. Legacy CPG brands are tapping into AI and Analytics for a multitude of such reasons. The most important of these reasons is the need to derive and drive an enterprise-wide strategy towards the focus business goal.

CPG brands should take great care to approach the right analytics partner to convert data to decisions and insights to actions. Many factors come into play here, but the idea is to check most of the below boxes. This is how #betterdecisions for the enterprise are made.

  • Trust: It is of utmost importance for the analytics partner to understand the brand’s vision and the desired goals to create the right fit analytics strategy.
  • A decision backward approach: The power of data lies not in quantity but in how well it is analyzed. A definitive problem statement allows businesses to unlock the infinite ways data can be read to deduct the required insights.
  • Customer centricity: An analytics partner should value the brand’s customers as their own and apply behavioral science expertise to make sense of the emotional data signals. In the end, it is the customer who chooses to buy or not buy a product. Especially in the case of fast-moving CPG, it is imperative to understand the customer’s decision environment, context, and psyche.

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