Building a Gen-AI Tagging (GAIT) platform powered by AWS for a leading pharma company
Building a Gen-AI Tagging (GAIT) platform powered by AWS for a leading pharma company
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Building a Gen-AI Tagging (GAIT) platform powered by AWS for a leading pharma company

Background and objective

In response to the evolving landscape of content management, our client, a leading pharmaceutical company, faced a critical challenge in managing unstructured data files, particularly their promotional content.  

The primary objective was to develop a robust solution capable of automatically generating informative metadata consistently and accurately for diverse data files. This metadata would serve as the cornerstone for supporting strategic personalization and analytics initiatives within the company’s operations. 


To solve these challenges, we introduced our GAIT solution powered by AWS, which helped the client streamline their content management efforts. 

We leveraged Amazon Textract, which uses OCR to dissect promotional materials into their fundamental elements. This granular approach helped us in conducting precise analysis and tagging, laying the foundation for actionable insights. 

To ensure consistency and accuracy in metadata generation, we leveraged AWS Bedrock which helped automate the tagging process.  

As content volumes were not static, Amazon EKS played a crucial role in providing a more stable environment, capable of accommodating the evolving needs of the client with ease and efficiency. 

Also, this solution seamlessly integrated with downstream platforms like the Next Best Content recommendation solution. By feeding the generated metadata into these platforms, we facilitated strategic decision-making processes, enhancing content personalization and customer engagement initiatives across various channels.   

Key results and impact

Our solution seamlessly integrated and optimized content and customer engagement, eliminating manual content tagging efforts. Initially, this solution was deployed in three markets, but we are in the process of implementing it for over thirty additional markets.  

Outputs from GAIT were also plugged into the Next Best Content solution and various other analytics use cases, enhancing the client’s analytical capabilities. 

GAIT solution is now available on the AWS Marketplace; click here to learn more.