Optimizing Order to Cash Model leads to 15% improvement in cash flow
Optimizing Order to Cash Model leads to 15% improvement in cash flow
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Optimizing Order to Cash Model leads to 15% improvement in cash flow

A holistic machine learning tool turns around the inefficiencies of an O2C model to optimize and improve working capital management and decision-making.

Big Picture

A Fortune 500 CPG giant approached Fractal with an Order to Cash problem. A close analysis opened multiple problems leading to a train of operational inefficiencies leading to sub-optimal decisions making. The Order to Cash model was directly impacting working capital, and the task at hand was to figure out the specific problem areas before deep diving into a solution.

Challenges faced by the business:

  • High amount of leakage and invalid deductions
  • Inefficient collections
  • high cycle time resulting in delayed collections
  • Non-standardized data through multiple systems
  • Lack of unified global and regional insights

The Solution

The requirement was a unique analytics solution for “Intelligent Order to Cash” using ML for improved collections, reduced leakages, and invalid deductions to solve these problems.

Based on this need, Fractal created a real-time strategic decision support system for OTC analytics by transforming collections, leveraging KPIs cross three main pillars of the OTC process, namely – Payments, Leakages, and Deductions.

It developed through a framework of diagnostic, analytical, and predictive insights. The solution included multiple user-centric, illustrative, insightful, prescriptive, and easy-to-understand dashboards created on Tableau and React, with drill-downs at different hierarchies.

The Big Business Impact

  • Futuristic view of payment, leakage and deduction with an accuracy of ~90% .
  • Cash flow improvement of 15% of the average daily overdue value
  • Optimization of the collections processes.
  • significantly improved productivity through tailored collection actions for each customer/invoice delivering Increased process efficiency of 10% across collections team

Provides insights into135 key performance indicators around descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics for end-to-end transformation of the cash collection process. FP&A operation is one of the key management systems of any organization. In a rapidly changing world, inefficiency gaps will affect the overall health and cripple decision-making. Investing in AI, ML, and cloud-based engineering that are tailor-made to address specific problem areas go a long way in bridging these gaps and augmenting productivity, efficiency, and overall profit.