Working Capital Optimization
Working Capital Optimization
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Working Capital Optimization


A global CPG firm’s digital finance team wanted to transform its working capital reporting process. The firm wanted to use its in-house ATLAS data and make it more efficient by leveraging an Azure Data Lake and BI transformation, thereby simplifying the overall data collection, reporting and reconciliation process.


Identified key drivers to measure performance and build dashboarding solutions to assess the current situation.

Solution Framework

  • Performed process blueprinting to identify key drivers of process performance.
  • Dashboard and visualization solutions to assess current situation – role-based access.
  • Data understanding and mapping of KPI’s to source data in SAP Atlas and Hydrate.
  • Identified data elements and aggregations, design data flows, & data models suitable for cloud.
  • Developed all calculation and mapping logics in Azure Databricks.
  • Applied Design Thinking to establish intuitive report designs.


The firm’s cash flow improved when it acted upon the insights generated by the project. The solution provided unseen levers that are now used to negotiate payment terms with customers.