October 19, 2013

FIIB Marketing Analytics Conference 2013


Big Data as an Opportunity for Marketers: An Industry Perspective

Event Host

FIIB (Fortune Institute of International Business)

Session Summary

The business environment is changing rapidly and so are we as people, as customers of products and services.  Today’s customer is much more informed, is more price sensitive, and demands more from her relationship with a brand or an organization.  How can marketers overcome this challenge of winning the customer’s heart and mind? How do you engage them and how do you predict what they will be in future? Does big data hold a magic prism?  Can it help marketers predict anything worthwhile? How analytics today is helping marketers build much desired rational and emotional connect with its customers and differentiate in an ever competitive multi-channel environment.

Event Date
October 19, 2013
Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, India