November 01, 2014

FIIB Marketing Conclave 2014


Analytics & Social Media: Today’s Business Game Changers

Event Host

Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB)

Session Summary

Big Data or Analytics has been the buzzword in the technology space for quite some time now, with analysts and service providers discussing numerous benefits that can be derived by crunching the huge data sets available.

With increase in Big Data awareness levels, Indian enterprises are also realizing the potential of Big Data Analytics and are looking to unlock the business value from their data. Similarly when Social Media is considered, and its presence in the business world analyzed, there is a huge potential available for maximizing the impact through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.

In FIIB Marketing Conclave 2014 the Keynote Address will be delivered by Mr. Saurabh Mittal, Senior VP, Fractal Analytics who will set the tone for the Conclave by speaking on Business Empowerment through Analytics & Social Media.


Event Date
November 01, 2014
Ishwar Dayal Auditorium, FIIB Campus , Delhi, India