Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit 2017

Speaker : Pranay Agrawal


AI and Analytics: Transforming Enterprise Decision Making and the Human-Machine Relationship

Session Summary

Innovation in Artificial Intelligence is accelerating, and business leaders are speculating on how to harness the power of AI in their strategic, operational and tactical decision making. Today businesses are using analytics to drive decision making, and those that embrace AI will discover new insights and opportunities to power every (human) decision in the enterprise.

Join Fractal Analytics as we discuss how human and machine relationship (robotic process automation, AI enhanced tools) will reshape the way decisions are made – enable businesses to win new customers, enhance customer experience and improve operational effectiveness.

About the Speaker

Pranay has led Fractal to be one of the most respected analytics company in the world. Fractal is working with over 50 Fortune 500 companies helping them drive better business outcomes by embedding analytics in their decisions and processes. Fractal is well recognized for its client-centricity with a Net Promoter Score of over 60%.

Forbes recently ranked Fractal as the 7th best funded analytics company in the world, the Great Place to Work Institute rated them as the “Best Company to work” for in the analytics industry, Fractal was also called out as a “Cool vendor in analytics” by Gartner, Forrester rated them as a “Top provider for Text analytics” for their product dCrypt.

The Drake Hotel, Chicago, United States

Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit 2017

Pranay Agrawal

Co-founder and CEO