Fractal Analytics to add 400 staff in FY14, hopes to double revenue

Published By : My Digital FC

Analytics player Fractal Analytics, which has operations in India, US, London and other places, will add about 400 people by end of this financial year even as it is hopeful of nearly doubling its revenues on the back of demand from its overseas clients, according to Srikanth Velamakanni.

According to him, there is demand for analytical services from its existing clients as well as new clients. It is said US needed about 2,00,000 professionals who had handle analytics and India was the key market to provide the manpower, he said.

The company derived revenues by running a programme on the clients data or by setting up a team with the client to handle analytics, he said adding that the company was now tapping around Rs 110 crore or so and was hopeful of taking it to Rs 210 crore by the end of this financial year.

“We have created a product -customer genomics- which is a machine learning way of understanding customer behaviour rapidly. There is interest from the clients for this as this can be used in retail and consumers facing industries,” he said about the prospects of monetising it for tapping additional revenue streams.

There are many start-ups that have made a beginning in the analytics space.