Fractal Analytics to set up office in Bangalore

Published By : The Hindu

Data analytics firm Fractal is setting up an office in Bangalore.

It is expected to invest $20 million over the next three years in its proposed Bangalore outfit.

Fractal already has offices in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

“We have made the commitment… selected the location at Brindavan Tech Village,” said Srikanth Velamakanni, Chief Executive Officer, Fractal Analytics Inc. The $20 million investment would go into hiring people and putting in place the infrastructure.

The California-headquartered firm hopes to attract more techie talent here considering Bangalore’s status as the tech hub of the country. “The world of analytics is influenced by technology a lot, lot more than we imagined 15 years ago. Expanding that techie part is something we wanted to do in Bangalore and this is a great place to attract that kind of talent,” Mr. Velamakanni said. By the end of this year, Fractal is looking to have offices in 13 countries. The Indian offices were crucial since they hosted 600 of its 700 employees globally. Bangalore office is expected to have 300 staffers, mostly new hires.

Fractal, which helps clients understand data and customers better, is looking to raise the global headcount to 1,000 this year.