What are the challenges faced by clients?

Key solution features which mitigate business challenges

Customer Genomics powers consumer decisioning with Intelligence & Emotions @Speed and Scale through always-on, automated and explainable AI

Customer Genomics Key solution features

Customer 360 – Ingesting, processing, cleansing, and validating multiple datasets from various sources to create a single source of truth or a golden record for every customer using a responsible AI toolkit.

Consumer Insights Hub – Identifies triggers, insights, predictions, and drivers

• Customer DNA – Preferences, contextual behaviors, peer indexing, lifestyle, biases
• Customer Intent – Opportunity, product uptake, risk
• Dynamic Driver Detection – Decision and behavior explainability

Real-time Next Best Experience – Ensemble deep learning models to recommend the next best action/offer/product on the right channel at the right time with continuous feedback loop

Intervention and Execution Layer – Leverage design principles to create personalized recommendations on enterprise platforms (Sales, Marketing, CRM), customized dashboards or web/mobile applications

Orchestration – Master controller ensures always on automated customer decision making and end to end automated pipelines

Business impact delivered

Success stories

Customer Genomics Success Story

Enabling customer centricity, upstream decisioning and retention at enterprise-level through Customer Experience Score (CES)

Customer Genomics Success Story

Franklin Templeton generates $600mn in new assets with Customer Genomics

Business models

Customer Genomics has helped global B2B and B2C organizations transform their client experience roadmap.

Customer Genomics Business models
  • Customer
  • Consumer
  • Investor
  • Physician, etc,
Customer Genomics Business models
  • Stores
  • Retailers
  • Clinics
  • SMBs
  • Corporates
Customer Genomics Business models


  • Need-based routing
  • Next best conversation
  • Real-time client insights


  • Customer prioritization
  • Behavioral triggers
  • Peer based opportunities


  • Campaign automation
  • Next Best product
  • Retention
  • Onboarding
  • Real-time action recommendations
  • CLTV
Customer Genomics Business models
  • Share of wallet enhancement
  • Prospect identification
  • Client prioritization
  • Macro event based risk attrition
  • Next best action
    and product
  • Domain experience
    and expertise
Any domain both in a B2C as well as B2B context where an entity (for eg. customer, business, financial advisor, store etc.) is at the center of the problem

Roles to engage?​​

Buyer Job Roles:​ 


Consumer Analytics




Sales leaders​

Company focus & Benefits:


Improved Sales


Improved Efficiency


Improved Customer Experience


Competitive Edge

Any domain both in a B2C as well as B2B context where an entity (for eg. customer, business, financial advisor, store etc.) is at the center of the problem

Fractal's value proposition

Fractal's value proposition - Go live
Go live - Easy pilot options with go-live in as little as 10 to 12 weeks
Fractals value proposition - Speed
Speed - Domain-specific feature stores and code accelerators for data harmonization and recommendation engine
Fractals value proposition - Scale
Scale - E2E automation pipeline to generate insights and ability to connect seamlessly with varied data platforms & consumption layers
Fractals value proposition - Sophistication
Sophistication - Ensemble Deep Learning models, real time training and prediction, feedback loop & models that self-correct over time, industry leading AI + Behavioural Sciences framework

Google Cloud services used

Google Cloud services compute engine

Compute Engine

Google Cloud services Cloud Composer

Cloud Composer

Google Cloud services Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL

Google Cloud services Big Query


Google Cloud services Dataflow


Google Cloud services Dataplex

Data Plex

Google Cloud services Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud services Vertex AI

Vertex AI

Google Cloud services Looker


Google Cloud services Big Table

Big Table

Google Cloud services IAM


Google Cloud services Cloud Logging


Google Cloud services Cloud Monitoring



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