Speaking session: Redefine your marketing with data and behavioral science

We all know that data is great at revealing ‘what’ customers did in the past. But to influence their behavior more effectively, you need to understand the truth behind ‘why’ people do what they do. Behavioral science is the key to making it happen.

Neuroscience reminds us that more than 99% of human behavior is generated by non-conscious processes in the brain, and emotions are involved in all human decisions. Traditional consumer research techniques, like focus groups, questionnaires and interviews, aren’t creating a complete picture of this reality. To truly understand your customers, new research techniques can help you reveal the crucial ‘why’ of human behavior and design new approaches to effectively influence peoples’ behavior.

Key takeaways: Attend this speaking session to learn how a new combination of data and behavioral science is helping understand and influence human decision-making in powerful ways, and thus, redefining the future of marketing.


Biju Dominic

Co-founder and CEO, Final Mile Consulting

Sagar Shah

Principal Consultant, Fractal Analytics