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We recently concluded the session of AMA - Ask Me Anything session with Amit Zavery , VP and Head of Platform, Google Cloud. This was an engaging session on how businesses are accelerating digital innovation by securely extending APIs and automating processes through Appsheet and Apigee thereby enabling unified and connected experiences for their clients. The event also had Natwar Mall, CTO, and Rasesh Shah, CIO of Fractal, joining as speakers and Satish Raman, Chief Strategy Officer of Fractal moderating the session.

In this new era, taking an outside-in approach to digital business ecosystems can help organizations harness their existing resources and relationships to drive innovation and efficiency. Digital business ecosystems encompass a network of partners, developers, and customers facilitated by modern, cloud-first technologies. Most CIOs cite "increasing operational efficiency" as their primary goal for innovation.

Key takeaways:

  • Accelerating digital innovation by securely extending APIs and automating processes through Google no code and API management platform.
  • Modernize applications and accelerate development using APIs - Extend and modernize legacy applications alongside new cloud services using APIs.
  • Drive digital ecosystems and open new business channels using APIs- Attract and empower an ecosystem of developers and partners and unlock new revenue streams.
  • Enable unified and connected experiences to customers and capturing actionable intelligence and insights from API’s
  • Drive data-driven transformations using APIs and data warehouse solutions from Google.