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On-demand webinar

Consumer pivot to digital – during and after COVID-19

  Thursday, August 20

Online interactions continue to be the beneficiary of the physical store scale down, and closures in the pandemic hit world. Online shoppers are now making significantly more orders online, with their preferences changing or affected with the pandemic. Here’s our on-demand webinar with
Mayank Patel
Mayank patel

Mayank Patel

Global Director, 1:1 Mass Personalization & Decision Engine, Digital Customer Engagement ,

Mayank is the Global Director, Personalization & Decision Engine, Digital Customer Engagement of McDonald's CorporationHe has spent the last two years in defining the brand’s global vision, strategy and roadmap for activating personalization and decision engine across channels and markets including Drive Thru, Kiosk, Mobile and Digital touch points.

Mayank is recognized as a marketing leader with a demonstrated track record of achievement in digital customer marketing, marketing technologies, personalization, CRM, loyalty and analytics across global and international markets. He specializes in creating, launching and optimizing innovative customer centric vision, strategies and tactics across all customer touch points. He brings progressive experiences from Food, Retail and Financial Services with a proven track record of turning positive ROI on initiatives, while ensuring superior customer experience.

, Global Director, 1:1 Mass Personalization & Decision Engine, Digital Customer Engagement, McDonald’s and
Biju Dominic
Biju Dominic

Biju Dominic

Chairman, FinalMile Consulting & Chief Evangelist  ,

Biju co-founded FinalMile Consulting 12 years back and pioneered the development of Behavior Architecture practice by combining learning from Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioral Economics and Design. He brings 18 years of brand building experience with ad agencies like JWT, Lowe Lintas, DDB.

Biju believes that to power every human decision, we need to understand and influence every human decision. The combined power of AI and Behavioral Science can be used to unravel the complexities of why humans do what they do. These insights, combined with the power of Design will help develop interventions to influence a targeted human decision.

, Chief Evangelist, Fractal & Chairman, FinalMile Consulting looking at the consumer pivot to digital in the next normal.


Let’s admit it, the days of retail therapy when customers could stroll around the store space, indulging their senses and adding items to their basket at leisure, are over. COVID-19 has made the consumer more alert, cautious, and anxious, who wants to end their shopping and head home quickly.


Almost all activities, including shopping, are now redefined by prudence and caution. Some of the changed consumer behavior is also right in front of us; the focus on essentials, cutting down of indulgences, and the preference of hygiene and health-related products, among others.


There is nearly a 195% increase in online sales. So, consumer interactions are almost completely digital, and most of it through smartphones. Research shows, on an average, we tend to touch our phones 2617 times in a day. What it means is, every interaction is on an average of 4.3 seconds. So, brands have 4 seconds to grab the attention of the consumer, who is already stressed and anxious.


So, how to market to the changed consumer today? How can they make it relevant to the current needs of the consumer?


From mass personalization to tapping into the macro moments, the omnichannel approach is the way forward. Watch our video here, to understand and connect with the new and changed consumer of today.