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COVID-19: The ultimate catalyst for Digital Transformation

Thursday, September 24

COVID-19 has been the ultimate catalyst for digital transformation. It has changed and reoriented the consumer goods industry like none other. Here is our on-demand Fractal webinar with
Rajesh Gopal
Rajesh Gopal

Rajesh Gopal

Chief Information Officer ,
L’Oréal India

Rajesh Gopal joined L’Oréal India in September 2019 as the Chief Information Officer. Rajesh leads the digital transformation journey at L’Oréal  towards making it a Beauty Tech company. Prior to joining L’Oréal, Rajesh worked at Unilever for fourteen years and played various roles in partnering business on IT. Rajesh is passionate about leveraging technology to bring in a competitive edge for the organization.

, L’oreal;
Ajay Gopalakrishnan
Ajay Gopalakrishnan

Ajay Gopalakrishnan

Senior Director - Growth, CMI & Business Intelligence ,
Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

Ajay Gopalakrishnan is a Senior Director (Growth, CMI & Business intelligence) at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare across Asia, Africa, Middle East & Eurasia.

In this role he is responsible for crafting the long term growth strategy as well as shaping consumer, healthcare professional and market insights through the insights & business intelligence teams. Over the past 17 years, Ajay has had deep experiences in Innovation, Go To market, Whitespace entries, forecasting and operationalizing transformative approaches with Consumer Goods & Healthcare industries with Procter & Gamble, Mead Johnson Nutrition and now Sanofi.

, Sanofi, and
Amitabh Bose (Ambo)
Amitabh Bose

Amitabh Bose (Ambo)

Chief Practice Officer - CPG & Retail ,

Amitabh Bose (Ambo) is a business transformation leader and leads Fractal’s growth and stature to become the No.1 global provider of digital transformation to the CPG and Retail industries. He spent the early part of his career in sales and marketing roles with P&G and PepsiCo and joined the analytics industry in 2005. Since then, Ambo has played several roles that encompass incubating and integrating start-ups to leading global analytics practices for publicly listed technology and business services firms, working in the Americas, Europe, Pacific Asia, and Japan. 

Ambo is a keen student of AI and behavioral sciences and their applications to transform the industry. He envisions a consumer centric, decision run enterprise and believes Fractal is uniquely placed to drive this wave.

from Fractal talking how the pandemic is creating long term strategy changes, driven by digital transformation for the CPG and retail industries.


The CPG industry has seen a good performance in the last quarter with categories like health, wellness, hygiene and packaged goods outperforming others. However, it has been dependent on how the people have reacted to the situation. We can broadly see three themes have played out. The first one being, a lot of people have started to live or relate with a purpose and that has led to some of the choices they make. A heightened sense of purpose is one big theme that's playing out in this pandemic.


The second theme is about making the most of this new opportunity in front of us. It is more like a reset and looking at things afresh, either driven by gratefulness or by guilt. One or the other way, it is about an improved self, creating a better person. The third theme is being extremely joyful in the decisions people make. The environment has changed, the economic outlook, the job situation, almost everything. As people look at these categories, there is a lot more of choice of decision-making that comes through.


One more aspect that has been a driving factor for the CPG and retail industry is the protection-prevention thought in decision-making. This is one aspect that will play out beyond sanitizers and cleaning products. Finally, there is something that possibly has come for the first time in front of us; ‘revenge-shopping’. Two or three countries where there is a bounce back, we can see revenge shopping have a very positive response on the retailers.


But as we move forward, we need to understand, what we really call as digital transformation. Digital has been there for a while, but what has accelerated is how we connect with the consumer. Digital usage amongst consumers has increased everywhere. YouTube usage on watching videos has gone up by some 50% and for beauty brands like L’Oreal around 15%. So, yes there is a fantastic opportunity for brands to connect with the consumer. And how are brands doing it; they are doing it digitally.


Though COVID-19 has been a catalyst in bringing the digital change in front of us, for the digital native it is the only way to work. So, how to move forward from here? What does the consumer really want in the world ahead of us?


Find more about this new perspective in this on-demand webinar. Watch now!