Financial Services

Redefining banking in the pandemic age

Financial services will be one of the significant players in the post-COVID-19 world, having the power and responsibility to orchestrate a strong global response to the emerging economic implications. Today, businesses need to develop new capabilities to guide customers, partners, and the larger society through the crisis and beyond. Find how to navigate through the economic downturn and the corrective actions to take in different phases of the crisis.


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Mitigate the disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the need for a physical store, and created a 25% surge in e-commerce, bringing new cohorts to the digital marketplace viz boomers and Gen-Xs. This change in behavior is here to stay. The retail industry is also on a burning platform for digital transformation, changing investments for a predominantly online business. Find the six operating solutions, leveraging the power of AI, data engineering, and human-centric design to enable efficient operations, transformative solutions, and ideas for pivoting to the novel economy.


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Consumer Packaged Goods

Pave your way out of the pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a massive disruption in how we make, sell, and consume products. The immediate imperative for the industry is to pivot to consumer demand in their trusted brands, ensure the safety of their frontline staff, and keep a close watch on their working capital. Besides, we also need a plan for the emerging changes in human behavior- how we work, socialize & shop and torque our pace of digital transformation.


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Technology, Media & Telecom

Driving continued Apps’ growth through better user understanding

The pandemic saw apps in categories like video conferencing, learning, social media, gaming etc. get a huge boost in downloads & usage whereas apps in other categories saw major drop in use eg travel, ride-hailing services. Here is how to drive continued app growth in the post pandemic world.


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Healthcare & Life Sciences

AI powered pandemic response has developed AI powered virtual care solutions that can identify people at high-risk of COVID-19, much before they reach the hospital emergency rooms. The platforms help track, manage and prioritise the testing and improve diagnosis of COVID-19. The solutions have been adapted to today’s unprecedented and changing situation.

  • COVID-19 progression monitoring tool – qXR
  • Pandemic Response Care Platform – qScout

Case Study

The Government of Karnataka efficiently manages COVID-19 patient care through the power of data engineering

The Government of Karnataka efficiently manages COVID-19 patient care through the power of data engineering

Practitioner's Toolkits

Enabling success for practitioners and decision-makers during COVID-19 and beyond. A toolkit to rapidly design and deploy effective behavior change interventions during the pandemic, based on principles of behavior science and human-centered design.

COVID-19 insights for businesses
Use of face masks
COVID-19 insights for businesses
Working remotely
COVID-19 insights for businesses
Physical distancing
COVID-19 insights for businesses
Reopening Spaces
COVID-19 insights for businesses
Exiting Lockdown
COVID-19 insights for businesses
Managing COVID Cases

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