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Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG Playbook: Lead your way out of the pandemic with seven winning strategies for integrated operations

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a massive disruption in how we make, sell, and consume products. The immediate imperative for the industry is to pivot to consumer demand in their trusted brands, ensure the safety of their frontline staff, and keep a close watch on their working capital. Besides, we also need a plan for the emerging changes in human behavior- how we work, socialize & shop and torque our pace of digital transformation.


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Financial Services

Intelligent Automation: How COVID-19 presents an opportunity to combat operational challenges in retail banking

In a recent survey of U.S. financial institutions, “less than 45% of retail banks and credit unions felt they had a high or very high degree of readiness in mobile technologies and digital platforming, with approximately 20% stating they had low or a very low level of readiness.” Find how a digital roadmap will be a critical first step in this journey.


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Technology, Media & Telecom

COVID-19: Consequences and opportunities for the ICT sector

Before we see the potential rebound after the pandemic has slowed, we might see some severe short-term implications. There will be a retrenchment in outlook, reduced investments in modernization, as survival instincts trump the drive to prosperity. Although, the future for the ICT industry is here, only the savviest businesses will bring it to its full potential.


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Retail: Inflection point data and analytics

Retail is at the inflection point, making it clear that the consumer shopping experience will be part of a ‘new normal, and not return to the past normal. We explore the role data & analytics will play to sustain and flourish in this new retail experience.


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Healthcare & Life Sciences

AI powered pandemic response

Qure.ai has developed AI powered virtual care solutions that can identify people at high-risk of COVID-19, much before they reach the hospital emergency rooms. The platforms help track, manage and prioritise the testing and improve diagnosis of COVID-19. The solutions have been adapted to today’s unprecedented and changing situation.

  • COVID-19 progression monitoring tool – qXR
  • Pandemic Response Care Platform – qScout

Covid-19 data driven decision making

Fractal's covid response

Fractal COVID response

Restructuring the global economic order with real time insights using scalable epidemiology framework.

Practitioner's Toolkits

Enabling success for practitioners and decision-makers during COVID-19 and beyond. A toolkit to rapidly design and deploy effective behavior change interventions during the pandemic, based on principles of behavior science and human-centered design.

COVID-19 insights for businesses
Use of face masks
COVID-19 insights for businesses
Working remotely
COVID-19 insights for businesses
Physical distancing

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