Customer Analytics in Financial Services

Speaker : Arpan Dasgupta


Transition from product-centric to a customer-centric views by utilizing new data sources and techniques to understand your customers

Event Host

FC Business Intelligence

Session Summary

The discussion will focus on:

  • What makes a valuable customer? Changing customer analysis to view across product lines, looking at spending, longevity, revenue generation
  • Prescriptive analysis – forecasting customer events to capitalize on revenue opportunities, looking at customer lifecycles
  • Data with attitude – understanding data patterns by adding richness to the data set (economic conditions, socio-economic info, etc)
About the Speaker

Prior to joining Fractal, Arpan was a management consultant for financial services at Booz & Co where he was focused on developing growth strategies and operating model transformations. He was also an analytics consultant for retail financial services at Inductis, delivered marketing and risk analytics for US cards at American Express, and marketing analytics for US mortgages at HSBC.

The Wyndham New Yorker, New York City, United States

Customer Analytics in Financial Services

Arpan Dasgupta

Vice President, Global Consulting, FSI