Securely deploy AI-powered chat for your enterprise


FractalGPT is a solution for enterprises seeking to deploy conversational AI rapidly. This off-the-shelf product securely integrates with Azure OpenAI APIs to deliver the latest ChatGPT capabilities to your company.  


It enables enterprises to implement a GPT-powered AI chatbot quickly and easily on their existing Azure infrastructure. The application is an off-the-shelf solution that leverages Azure Open AI APIs and Fractal’s Senseforth bot platform to securely deploy and privately offer enterprise users a custom branded experience like the familiar ChatGPT one. 


Let’s briefly look into the solution architecture.

FractalGPT Solution Architecture
FractalGPT chat interface demo

It is designed to be secure, scalable, and easy to use, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes and across industries.

With FractalGPT, your teams can improve productivity while ensuring your data remains secure.

Key features

Let’s explore the three key features that make FractalGPT a game-changer in the world of conversational AI.

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FractalGPT provides last-generation (GPT 3.5 and 4) conversational AI capabilities to enterprises with a quick implementation timeline, as out of the box deployments can happen in as little as one week.

It integrates seamlessly with your existing Azure infrastructure, services, and subscriptions, offering a simple, user-friendly, Generative AI-based solution on the trusted Fractal Senseforth chat platform.

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Secure and private

FractalGPT prioritizes enterprise security by keeping data and intellectual property within Azure. It integrates with clients’ existing processes using their standard Azure management tools.

In the base plan, clients can control access and costs through their Azure subscription. More advanced usage monitoring, access control, and throttling are available in higher-level plans. Those ensure complete control and usage metrics monitoring.

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FractalGPT allows enterprises to tailor the solution to their enterprise needs. With the Senseforth platform, you can combine custom and GPT models to optimize costs and results. 

Fractal’s AI expertise can help you build, train, and manage cost-optimized models for your enterprise. Customization capabilities include branding, company or function-specific instances, model tuning, plug-in development, usage monitoring, cost control, and content moderation.

Demo videos

Case Studies

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FractalGPT automates employee support

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FractalGPT use cases

FractalGPT can support a wide range of use cases. It not only supports, in a more secure and scalable way, ChatGPT’s use case, but it can also be extended with custom data and models to support more use cases more cost-effectively.

Some of those use cases include:

FractalGPT use case for marketing

FractalGPT can assist marketing teams with developing promotional strategies and campaigns that resonate with their customers.

FractalGPT use case for HR support

FractalGPT can assist HR departments with job descriptions, onboarding new employees, answering benefits-related questions, and providing quick access to HR policies and procedures.

FractalGPT use case for helpdesk support

FractalGPT can empower IT, and helpdesk teams, by providing instant self-service support to employees for common technical issues on both standard and internal applications and tools. 

FractalGPT use case for sales enablement

To help sales teams, FractalGPT can provide real-time assistance with customer inquiries, product recommendations, and pricing information. For more advanced sales and support teams’ AI-based coaching, check out Fractal’s new FlyFish solution.

FractalGPT use case for software development

FractalGPT can assist development teams with technical questions, code suggestions, code optimization, debugging, reporting, automation, and self-guided training.

FractalGPT use case for finance

FractalGPT can help deliver personalized recommendations and support fraud detection, financial education, and sentiment analysis. We can use it as an assistant to enhance productivity rather than using it as the only guide.

Get started today!

As an AI Microsoft Solutions Partner with decades of experience developing and deploying AI solutions at scale, Fractal can help you analyze, design, and deploy your Generative AI-based solution quickly and effectively with FractalGPT. 


Experience the power of FractalGPT today and take the first step towards innovative conversational AI capabilities for your enterprise.


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FractalGPT on Azure Marketplace

In addition to the off-the-shelves FractalGPT solution, Fractal can support your enterprise’s Generative AI journey from experimentation to deployment at scale and across functions.


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