Finding right data to make quick decisions

Published By : Times of India, Bangalore edition, Tech-a-tete section

Computer-plus-human effort always beats just human beings or just supercomputers — Srikanth Velamakanni | Co-Founder, Fractal Analytics Mu Sigma’s frenetic growth has helped it hog a lot of the limelight among firms based out of India that offer analytics services. But before Mu Sigma there was Fractal Analytics. IIM-Ahmedabad alumni Srikanth Velamakanni and Pranay Agrawal founded Fractal in 2000, four years before Mu Sigma. But the mistake they made, Velamakanni says, was in looking first at India as the market, and entering the US market as late as 2006. Mu Sigma, on the contrary, started off in Chicago, where founder Dhiraj Rajaram was then based.

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