Fractal Analytics: Harnessing Big Data to Transform Business Processes and Customer Relationships

Published By : CIO Review

Everybody is talking about Big Data these days, and for good reason. The most successful companies are gaining a competitive edge by employing analytics to improve decision making, develop effective marketing strategies, and understand, predict and influence consumer behavior. Since 2000, Fractal Analytics has been helping Fortune 500 companies solve intractable problems at every organizational level.

Fractal tailors analytics solutions for consumer-facing companies that have high volume transactions to solve problems centered in two areas: 1) need to deeply understand consumers to drive engagement and loyalty, and 2) help businesses to operate more efficiently by institutionalizing data-informed decisions. The flagship Customer Genomics solution helps personalize marketing from a 360 degree view of each customer’s behavior and attitudes. Its proprietary pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms learn from every customer transaction and interaction, including social media.

Fractal specializes in consumer goods, financial services, insurance, retail, and technology industries. The company draws upon its experience working with data and consumer behavior in over 100 countries to offer 40 productized services that give enterprises the ability to identify, track and act upon previously undiscovered patterns in chaotic ocean of information.

By integrating scientific decision making into the very fabric of the corporate culture, Fractal’s clients are improving business process efficacy and their customer experience, resulting in higher market share and profitability. From artificial intelligence (AI) to business intelligence (BI) to customer intelligence (CI), Fractal Analytics offers the opportunity to leverage a range of business analytics to ride big data to sustainable success.

People set Fractal Analytics apart

Fractal Analytics is very selective in hiring and grooming exceptional analytics professionals with deep expertise in problem-solving across industries. It offers a wide range of services with a flexible engagement approach.

What’s next for Fractal?

Fractal is striving to be the world’s premiere analytics company. The company is on its way as proven by the recent recognition by leading industry analyst Gartner’s report on ‘Cool Vendors in Analytics’. The path to global excellence is built by individuals that collaborate in teams with an emphasis on operational efficiency and leading technologies.

Fractal Analytics is leveraging a private equity investment from TA Associates to bring new machine-learning solutions to market and double the employee strength to 1,200 in the next year. In the U.S., the company is responding to client demand by expanding New York and California offices and strengthening client services presence in India, Europe and Latin America. The future is paved with breakthrough data-informed decisions for everyone and every purpose. The future is analytics. That future is now.