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Making effective internal knowledge access a reality

It is often challenging to quickly find the information you need at a particular instant on a corporate network.  


Traditional enterprise search tools provide numerous search results, forcing users to open and search through each document individually. This is not only time consuming, but it also increases the risk of using outdated or incorrect information. This can lead to compliance issues or require additional manual effort to rectify when a newer compliant and up-to-date version is maybe already there somewhere on your intranet.  


According to a McKinsey report, employees spend around 1.8 hours daily, i.e., 9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information they need.  


This shows that searching for internal company information is a significant source of wasted time and money for businesses. So, it is important to invest in tools and strategies that can help employees find the information they need quickly and easily. 

Why FractalGPT Knowledge Bot

FractalGPT is a solution for enterprises seeking to deploy conversational AI rapidly. This off-the-shelf product securely integrates with Azure OpenAI APIs to deliver the latest ChatGPT capabilities to your company.   


It leverages Azure Open AI APIs and Fractal’s Senseforth bot platform to securely deploy and privately offer enterprise users a custom branded experience like the familiar ChatGPT one. 


Using FractalGPT, companies can add internal documents to create custom chatbot versions for specific knowledge access. For example, IT support, HR support, etc. which provides precise and concise answers to organization-related questions. 


FractalGPT chat interface demo

This tool improves employee’s productivity by providing them easy, conversational, and quick access to accurate company-level information using extensive repositories.  


FractalGPT Knowledge Assist (FKA) use case goes beyond simple Q&A capabilities. It enables employees to more effectively perform their daily tasks like handling leave requests, processing reimbursements, or managing IT ticketing. 


FKA combines knowledge retrieval and task automation to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and reduce compliance risks and errors. 

Key features

User friendly interface

User-friendly interface

Upload documents and start asking questions without external training 

Multi format support

Multi-format support

FKA support PDFs, docs, and PPT formats, with optional integration of OCR for image-based content 

Document training

Automated document training

Automatically pick documents from knowledge repositories and undergo training 

Complex data handling

Complex data handling

Easily handles complex documents, including ones containing tables 

Smart and reliable

Smart and reliable

Easily disambiguate when the answer is available in multiple documents 



 20% reduction in AHT in a contact center 


Improved compliance

Multi channel

Multi-channel access


Securely deploy AI-powered chat for your enterprise with FractalGPT

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