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Where great minds partner with tomorrow.

What happens when the world’s best minds come together and experience the best of Artificial Intelligence? A surge of new possibilities. At CAB, executive-level visionaries and thought leaders connect at a common platform from diverse industries, and together we explore new avenues and try to a build a better world for humankind. CAB is an annual event hosted by Fractal to share, learn and collaborate with global giants to envision their future.

It’s a platform for seamless collaboration of intelligence and imagination, learning from each other. Our collaboration creates this culture of imagination where Fractal’s role is to power every human decision. Giving every leader the power to re-imagine the VUCA world.

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Magic to Mundane: Delivering the promise of AI @ scale

Fireside Chat

Driving digital guest experience @ Disney – A transformation story

Digital transformation is a key C-suite topic at most Fortune 100 organizations. In this session, Vivek Sharma will share the Disney story and offer his thoughts on the importance of data and AI in driving the change.

Key takeaways:
• Drivers of successful digital transformation at scale
• Role of data and AI in improving digital customer experience
• Creating a transformation friendly culture

Panel Discussion

Scaling data science across geographies and culture

Every enterprise wants to do more with data science, but at the same time, enterprise leaders are frustrated by the challenges of delivering business impact at scale. To successfully scale data science across geographies, global enterprises need to better align data science, IT and business teams to work together more effectively. In this session, the enterprise leaders will share their experiences in overcoming key challenges faced in scaling data science.

Key takeaways:
• How to prioritize large projects with well-defined outcomes
• Map out the entire life cycle
• Build scalable data science teams
• Invest in platforms and solutions that are scalable



Enhancing customer experience at Sky through AI, Engineering & Rapid Experimentation

Every customer wants her brand to understand her preferences. Every brand wants to be more relevant to its every customer. However, there is continuing debate/tussle within most consumer facing organizations on focusing on cross-sell/up-sell outcomes (more products leading to higher CLV) vs. reimagining the experience at every interaction and make it ‘irrational’ for customers to consider any other brand.

Learn how Sky is transforming customer experience and driving significant financial outcomes through deep learning, engineering and rapid experimentation.

Key takeaways:
• Building a holistic customer 360 approach
• Enhancing customer experience – the journey till now and way forward
• Building effective balance between a bottom-up AI driven approach and a top-down customer experience strategy


Panel Discussion

AI adoption in the enterprise. How behavioral science plays role in driving the change?

Implementation of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence requires organizations to change skill sets, tools, processes, and information systems. The most successful companies also achieve an overall change in mindsets and expectations. However, AI alone can neither explain nor ensure particular choices and behaviors – let alone guarantee the desired outcomes. Driving effective change depends on effective communication, which in turn depends on understanding how the audience will receive the message. That communication challenge is further complicated by the speed, volume, and complexity of the data and analytics.

This panel will discuss how to meet the challenge with behavioral science – to assess the mental models and emotional underpinnings that frame and influence people’s decisions and to design communications and engagements accordingly.

  • Keynote

  • Keynote

  • Workshop

  • Workshop

  • Panel Discussion


Algorithms to Live By

All decision-makers face a particular set of problems, as a function of having limited information and limited time. How many options should we consider before committing to a course of action? When should we explore new opportunities, and when should we go with what we know and trust? These might seem like problems unique to humans; they’re not. Learning to recognize the underlying algorithmic structure of the world around us gives us the tools to transform the wisdom of computer science into strategies for better decisions, in business and in life.


Delivering enterprise value through AI at scale

AI has a strong promise of transforming enterprise performance. However, most organizations find it difficult to develop the right AI solutions, scale it across the enterprise, and create meaningful business value. Learn how Verizon, one of the world’s largest companies, is able to mine Petabytes of data to create business and customer value using AI, Engineering and Automation.

Key takeaways:
• Designing an AI and technology structure for enterprise transformation
• Delivering business value through engineering and automating AI
• Case example of superior customer experience on digital channels


Fractal Strategy & Member Input

Fractal Analytics seeks to enable CXO’s and enterprises to power every human decision in the enterprise through data, AI and behavioral science that transform strategic, tactical and operational decision making capabilities to: 1. Reimagine the customer experience, 2. Drive product innovation, and 3. Craft strategic and operational models.

In this session, Fractal’s co-founders will share the organization’s performance, strategic direction and plan of action, and seek input from members on business priorities and toward becoming even more relevant to client organizations.

Key takeaways:
• Learn about Fractal’s recent achievements against our goals and response to member input
• Learn about Fractal’s plans to further strengthen processes and capabilities
• Provide input on your business priorities and Fractal’s strategic roadmap


Building a High Performance Leadership Team

Teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare. This session will provide a framework for leaders working on:

• Avoiding the obstacles to high performance that all teams face
• Increasing levels of trust within the team
• Increasing transparency and productive debate
• Increasing clarity around goals and desired team behaviors
• Understanding the four disciplines that support healthy cultures

Panel Discussion

Creating a consumer centric business with data & AI

Today’s consumers are more demanding with greater access to information and choices than ever before. Creating a personalized experience for your customers has been a high priority of business leaders. This session focuses on the journey of brands that have been aspiring to deliver “wow” customer experience through their use of data, analytics and AI.

Key takeaways:
• How are they delivering the best experience based on context?
• How are they using or experimenting with AI, AR and VR to create more personal and immersive customer experience?
• How are they reimagining their operations with automation and AI?
• What are their biggest barriers or challenges in personalization, and how are they using data, analytics, and AI to overcome them?


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