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Fractal is a member of Nielsen Connect, the industry’s largest curated community of partners for retailers and manufacturers in the fast-moving consumer goods space. Our partnership is instrumental in activating Fractal’s products and services throughout a global network of clients.

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Case Studies

  • Self-Service Analytics
    1 min. read

    Self-Service Analytics

    Background The marketing team of a large CPG company wanted to reduce its reliance on outside resources to gain insights from Nielsen data. Approach Fractal used Cuddle.ai, its AI-powered analytics tool, and...

  • Data Harmonization
    1 min. read

    Data Harmonization

    Background A global CPG company was seeking a long-term partner to harmonize multiple data sources, including Nielsen scan data and retailer point-of-sale information. Approach Concordia, Fractal’s data...

  • Forecasting Accuracy
    1 min. read

    Forecasting Accuracy

    Background A major CPG player wanted a solution to deliver high forecast accuracy in a highly volatile and seasonal product category. Approach & Solution Framework Fractal applied Foresient, its AI-enabled...