Today's world has a new playfield, and the traditional and pre-pandemic approaches to win the consumer are not enough. Leading CPG and retail groups are increasingly adopting to what we call Revenue Growth Management (RGM).


The Consumer Products (CP) companies are operating in a dynamic marketplace that balances revenue growth and manages sustainable profit margins. RGM remains a challenge as consumer micro-markets have unique strategic requirements.


Fractal's AI-driven revenue growth management tool helps enterprises spend less time analyzing data and focus on getting actionable insights and recommendations from it.


Revenue Growth Management Platform Benefits
A product that helps businesses do both strategic pricing and promotion planning, well along with optimization. It is a platform that can enable your revenue management, finance, and account teams to make better decisions on pricing, promotion strategies, and planning. It can:


  • Help understand the marketplace in the context of category & competition,
  • Identify the best pricing and promotion actions through simulations & optimization,
  • Continuously track performance & impact of marketplace changes with automated updates,
  • Drive ownership to RGM business teams,
  • Cultivate local and global product owners,
  • Create a community of practice,
  • Free up RGM team capacity to drive delivery efficiency.

The RGM platform has six broad modules:

  • Revenue Growth Management


    Uncover RGM insights across customers, categories and channels.

  • Revenue Growth Management

    RGM diagnostics

    Hypothesis generation and deep dive across portfolio, channel & mix.

  • Revenue Growth Management

    RGM insights

    Evaluate performance, pack price architecture, promo & mix strategy.

  • Revenue Growth Management

    Scenario Planning

    For business simulation and annual pricing, promotion planning.

  • Revenue Growth Management

    Annual Portfolio Planning & Optimizer

    AI-powered annual price & promo guidance at the customer level.

  • Revenue Growth Management

    Always-on planner

    Advanced optimization providing granular weekly execution plans.

Our differentiation and unique proposition

A one-stop-shop for connected, continuous, and next-generation revenue management, providing AI-powered guidance to business, account, and finance teams across strategic, precision, and operational RGM. It is founded on three principles of governance:

  • Scalability: Continuously track performance & impact of marketplace changes with automated updates
  • Usability: Diagnose a market situation with market realities, proven principles, category and brand strategy
  • Adaptability: Recommend best pricing and promotion actions through simulations & optimization
Revenue Growth Management

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