Foresient is a state-of-the-art platform that enables forecasting at scale with high accuracy and speed.

Today, in the post-digital world, every moment is a potential market—an opportunity to meet the high expectations of the changed consumer. With a sophisticated forecasting platform, businesses can reorient their focus and deliver for markets on demand. Businesses will now need to combine these capabilities to capture the moments and markets.

Foresient forecasting platform uses a suite of AI-based sophisticated algorithms that's equipped to handle varied real business scenarios, for instance predicting future sales.

The platform builds forecasting models by looking at historical data with a combination of other aspects like promotion, holidays, and schemes, among others. The engine runs multiple built-in algorithms, automatically identifies the best fit model, and predicts the time series. These meaningful outcomes can eventually help businesses to optimize the plans for the future

Use Cases

  • Demand Planning

    Foresient can be used to forecast the right volume levels for stores/manufacturers etc. across multiple locations. It can combine various levels of information and produce the most accurate model to forecast demand for any product, SKU etc.

  • Financial Planning

    The platform helps in financial forecasting for metrics like revenue. The engine looks into important financial data like revenue, expenses, and cash flow across different periods and produces a relevant model to predict future sales revenue.

  • Resource Planning

    To plan the right level of an available resource like manpower, raw material, and even advertising inventory, resource forecasting is essential. Foresient can help businesses focus their efforts in the right direction.

Our Differentiation

Best in class AI-based suite of algorithms across different genres which ensures optimum results

How Foresient works

  • A neutral platform to create accurate forecasts

    Foresient can be deployed to forecast any business metric like demand sales, financials, customer metrics, etc. Foresient can be significantly more accurate outperforming a simple or manual forecasting.

  • User-friendly and simple interface

    Foresient promises to make life simple for the user. Built with an intuitive UI, it enables ease of usage for any persona across the business streams.

  • Forecast at scale and speed

    Forecasts can be generated together for thousands of time series or combinations in one go. These can be generated in a relatively short span of time with the right kind of environment in place.

  • Data Partnerships

    The platform has data partnerships with leading data aggregators like Nielsen.

Forecast via plug-in for uncertain times

A forecasting model should be capable of adapting to predict consumer behavior during any unpredictable situation which may impact businesses. Foresient takes a scientific approach to understand the impact of the lockdown due to COVID-19. It helps you to prepare for short, medium, and long-term business impacts.

  • Market disruptions like COVID-19 create a discontinuity in the business planning process
  • Continuous demand sensing could help course-correct by incorporating changes due to market disruptions. This enables business planning teams to maintain continuity
  • The tool works on a base forecast that is adjusted to forecast the impact and its severity. By using Foresient, you gain immediate insights into consumer demand down to the store or SKU level based on a range of market factors. The platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate an adjusted forecast, thereby helping to create effective supply chains.

Our Expert

  • Beate Lettmann

    Beate Lettmann

    Principal Consultant , CPG & Retail

  • Beate leads our Strategic Global accounts by advising in decision scenarios, at Fractal. She comes with over 20 years of experience in CPG and retail, responsible for global project execution for Hero Brands. She also comes with the experience in demand forecasting both on client and vendor side. Along with this, she has vast exposure to price, TPO and media investment optimization, along with development of long term strategic business plans. She has received IPA Gold for McDonald’s and IPA Silver for Sainsbury’s awards.

    Beate has done her MA Social Science from University of Dusseldorf, Germany and has keen interest in marketing sciences, developing at scale solutions for decision makers, and translating business challenges into analytical solutions.

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