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Definitive information source for efficient decision-making

In today’s dynamic market landscape, the ability to harness data for strategic decision-making is a universal challenge—and a critical advantage—for businesses across sectors. The currency of successful enterprises is clear, actionable data. Its role? To cut through complexity and drive informed, agile responses to changing market demands. Digitally forward and innovative companies relentlessly pursue data that is not only comprehensive but also eloquently simplified, putting powerful insights within arm’s reach of decision-makers.

However, many businesses still need to overcome hurdles to realize the benefits of data intelligence. Large, complex enterprises need a holistic view of their performance. Yet many organizations still need to contend with monolithic or legacy systems that don’t talk to each other. This hinders the extraction of meaningful insights and the establishment of a definitive information source.


Data difficulties: addressing inefficiencies and enhancing decision-making

Our client, a leading beverage anchor bottler, needed more efficiency in their reporting processes to ward off difficulties in decision-making and resource allocation.

Manual data collation overload

Faced with complex reporting requirements, their business analysts had to collate data manually and create management reports for the top 500 people in the organization. This process consumed considerable time and resources, diverting them from more strategic tasks.

Tool diversity complications

The team used multiple tools to create these reports, leading to inconsistencies. This meant more time lost trying to reconcile the various narratives.

Delayed decision-making dilemma

The resource-intensive manual data collation and complex tool diversity meant delayed decision-making. Because they couldn’t access timely insights, the client missed chances to respond to market dynamics and emerging opportunities.


Tailored solution to data-driven decision-making

Our client sought a solution to provide faster, high-quality insights and integrate data across departments for a holistic view. Streamlining their reporting processes would enable more agile decision-making.

Leveraging our expertise in business performance management, visualization, and integrated business planning practice, we engineered a solution harnessing SAP and Azure Databricks for data manipulation. Power BI was used to create final dashboards and visualizations. The solution automated the data-to-decisions journey. Data was pulled from diverse sources, like SAP and manual Excel files, to establish an enterprise-wide single source of truth.

Phases Action Result

Design-led research

  • Conducted user immersion to understand:

    – processes

    – data sources

    – insights

    – target audience

  • Mapped the journey across existing reports

  • Identified different personas within the target users

  • Mapped the user needs across personas

  • Identified automated data-to-decisions path

  • Synthesized insights and requirements for each persona

Prototype development

  • Structured critical insights into five self-serve reports

  • Proposed centralization of reporting

  • Created a single source of truth

  • Structured reports for:

    – Top 40: high-level insights for CXOs and GMs

    – Top 300: granular insights for business analysts

  • High-fidelity prototypes aided visualization

  • Reports completed within eight weeks

  • Aimed for centralized decision-making

Solution implementation and adoption

  • Conducted a holistic review of the technology stack and data architecture

  • Proposed optimized architecture for user experience

  • Enabled automation of data-to-decisions journey

  • Delivery executed in two phases

  • Focus on driving the adoption of solutions

  • Implemented optimized architecture

  • Automation facilitated data-to-decision journey

  • Delivered solution across two phases

  • Significant emphasis on driving adoption


Immediate efficiency gains and future growth

Efficiency boost: devising a management reporting solution

Our solution immediately enhanced efficiency in the client’s management review process. We reduced the time business analysts spent gathering data. This was done by establishing user requirements and organizing insights into high-quality self-service reports. Our automation saved the equivalent effort of 15 employees in generating management reports.

Data integrity: the roadmap to future growth and a data-driven culture

Establishing a single source of truth across all data and analyses will continue to benefit the business in the future. At the request of the CEO, our solution has been adopted for all upcoming monthly management reviews. This will ensure ongoing access to profound business insights and enhanced efficiency.

Over 1,000 users have been trained on dashboard usage, and the adoption rate has surpassed 50%. With approximately 600 monthly users, the company has a more skilled and efficient workforce, making a positive transition toward becoming a data-driven organization.

15 Employees +50%

Equivalent effort in report generation

The adoption rate of the new system

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