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Aiming for data-driven marketing

An astounding 70% of American homes have pets, fueling the pet food industry’s remarkable growth. With demand soaring, the market is now brimming with choices, ranging from standard feeds to customized diets that cater to specific needs.

Businesses vie for customer attention in a fierce market, shifting from strict traditional marketing to dynamic, modern strategies that engage consumers precisely when and where it matters most.

Despite recognizing the potential of data-driven marketing, an American pet food company faced significant obstacles. Their marketing and customer information was dispersed across multiple platforms, making harnessing this data effectively challenging. Consequently, the company struggled to adapt to evolving market dynamics and consumer preferences with informed data-backed strategies. Ultimately, they had to rely on traditional rule-based suggestions from their marketing departments rather than making strategic decisions powered by comprehensive data insights.


Barriers to business success: silos and disorganized data

Our client, a leading dog and cat food producer in the United States has deep expertise in veterinary clinical nutrition. This meant they could produce pet food for American cat and dog owners regardless of their pet’s breed, life stage, or nutritional needs.

Breaking through information silos for collaboration

As the business grew, individual departments became isolated. This led to the development of information silos that hindered cross-departmental collaboration. Consequently, it became difficult for marketing teams to harness insights from different sources.

Streamlining data for marketing results

Accurate market insights, comprehensive clinical knowledge, and robust internal sales and operations figures form a bedrock for crafting strategic marketing plans. The meticulous compilation, organization, and astute analysis of such data are indispensable. Yet, the client’s marketing initiatives suffered due to the absence of streamlined mechanisms, hindering the efficiency and potency of their campaigns.

Blending expertise for effective marketing strategies

The client’s veterinary clinical nutrition expertise presented an opportunity to improve product positioning and customer engagement through integrated marketing strategies. However, bridging the gap between their technical expertise and marketing execution proved challenging.


Our innovative solution for customer insights and strategy

Enterprises should extract valuable knowledge from consumer exchanges and purchasing behaviors spanning many platforms. Comprehending this mechanism paves the way for fine-tuning marketing strategies with consumer demands. It also opens the door to applying subconscious design strategies. Such techniques subtly weave in factors that shape the hidden cognitive processes driving buyer choices.

We engineered a forward-looking solution that consolidates marketing and customer data. Deploying advanced behavioral architecture, we helped shape future marketing strategies. The team incorporated a Customer Genomics system to collect customer data and predict the potential impact on sales and customer turnover from different marketing programs. Additionally, we introduced an Excel dashboard tool that combines crucial customer data, guiding clinics on the best next steps as customer preferences evolve.

Phase Action Result

Phase 1: Closing the gaps

  • Data sources and types were cataloged and consolidated

  • A single platform was created

  • Marketing recommendations were generated

  • Comprehensive data for informed decision-making

Phase 2: Customer GenomicsTM system implemented

  • Sales and churn data analyzed post-marketing programs

  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns evaluated

  • Marketing campaigns optimized

Phase 3: Excel-based dashboarding tool

  • Consolidated critical customer data used to give recommendations

  • Enhanced decision-making for clinics


Driving Growth: Fractal’s Solution for Transformed Marketing and Sales

The immediate sales boost

Our solution empowered the client with a unified Customer 360 platform view, consolidating transactional, CRM, product, marketing, and external data into one holistic perspective.

This integration facilitated advanced machine learning algorithms. It empowered data-driven marketing decisions grounded in diverse customer and marketing data. In addition, marketing materials and communications were fine-tuned using sandbox-generated forecasts. These projections precisely estimated each marketing program’s sales and customer turnover impact.

Long-term growth and market dominance

Over time, our model facilitated substantial market share growth for the client. It positioned them as leaders in their industry. The organization embraced a culture of data-driven decision-making. This enhanced its ability to navigate complex market landscapes with confidence and agility.

$22 Million +$70 Million

Estimated annual impact

Estimated impact with in-clinic execution

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