To stay ahead of the curve in the insurance industry, making processes easier through the use of data and analytics is crucial.

Our client, one of the top 10 property and casualty insurers in the US, required exactly that. Download our latest case study to learn how Fractal implemented a transformation plan built upon deep research and analysis, and how we uncovered a wealth of benefits for our client’s business.

The shift in the digital landscape has been a wake–up call that it’s time to ditch the fax machine

The Challenge

The insurance industry is still catching up with the demands of the digital age, and factors like heavy regulation, low customer satisfaction and inefficient manual processes have made cost-cutting opportunities a top priority.

Our client needed to streamline their claims workflow, an area of the business that is responsible for up to 80% of an insurance company’s costs. They sought out Fractal’s data and analytics expertise to achieve this - a big step towards improving customer experiences and meeting their cost-saving objectives.

The Results

Reimagining the claims experience

$10m per annum in potential savings
Changing a few key processes produced significant short-term impact, and uncovered substantial potential savings

Reimagining the claims experience

Improved customer experience
Analytics-augmented decision-making will continue to create better experiences for our client’s customers

Reimagining the claims experience

Greater efficiency
Our client benefited from a streamlined claims workflow, along with reduced manual efforts

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Find out how data and analytics can be better used within your organization.

Reimagining the claims experience

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