Driving a combined annual impact of $400M at the enterprise level across 10+ transformational programs undertaken over the last 5 years


Commercial banking

Served one of the largest Media and Entertainment organizations across the UK and EU, providing solutions and strategic partnerships around Direct-to-Consumer Relationships, Content Creation and Distribution, and Ad Performance and Optimization.

Developed a range of AI and Engineering solutions across all key portfolios, including Pay-TV, Broadcasting, Broadband, On-demand, Streaming, and Mobile.

Expected business impact​

Priority capabilities​​

Success stories


Determine the contributions of media and the drivers of sales

Industry focus Solution

Targeted In-house Solutions

Customer Challenges

Google cloud services​ used

Google Cloud services Big Query


Google Cloud services compute engine

Compute Engine

Google Cloud services Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud services Cloud Composer

Cloud Composer

Google Cloud services Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL


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