In the competitive healthcare landscape, streamlining processes is an essential part of any business's digital transformation journey.

Pricing is one of these key processes, which can be tricky when a company has a complex portfolio of products, as well as a variety of contract terms. Download the full case study below to see how our client was able to leverage customer, sales and financial data to make sure that all pricing decisions were fully optimized.

Pricing remains the single most effective way to influence demand. It is the fastest lever an organization can pull to impact financial results and to meet the evolving needs of its consumers.

The Challenge

Our client, a Fortune 16 provider of wholesale medical supplies, equipment and healthcare technology, was seeing a negative impact on the development of new deals due to poor legacy processes. Their systems were riddled with inefficiencies, damaging revenue and value creation.

The Results

Making sure the price is right

90% reduction in time spent on deal creation and approval

Making sure the price is right

5% improvement in the bottom line

Making sure the price is right

2-5% top-line growth

Making sure the price is right

90% time improvement for getting their products to market.

Download the full case study

Find out how our solution helped the client achieve these great results and learn more about our innovative price optimization solutions.

Making sure the price is right

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