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Simplifying healthcare catalogs for enhanced accessibility

The wide variety of healthcare products available today poses significant challenges for medical practitioners and sales teams. To facilitate easy and consistent product retrieval, catalogs should bridge the gap between the complexity of products and their accessibility. Streamlining categorization to prioritize clinical usage and product type is essential for effortless discovery.

Nevertheless, conventional approaches to catalog maintenance need to address the task’s vast scale and intricate nature.


Overcoming complexity with intelligent solutions

Our client, one of the foremost electronics corporations globally, is a significant player in the healthcare sector. Their enterprise information management (EIM) vertical allows customers to optimize business processes through information aggregation. Within healthcare environments, the goal is to enhance decision-making processes by bolstering the reliability and accessibility of crucial product data.

Clarifying product details for better decision-making

Healthcare products are often intricately designed for highly specialized uses. Selecting the right products for patient care is essential. Yet, vital clinical details are often obscured by lengthy product descriptions. This renders the procurement process cumbersome and less efficient.

Optimizing product discovery for informed purchasing

Timely and effortless access to pertinent information is paramount, mainly when patient care is balanced. Buyers must be comprehensively educated about the clinical nuances of each product within a vast array of options. Navigating these choices can be daunting when clinical data is presented in lengthy, densely packed paragraphs.


Deploying innovative algorithms for efficient catalog navigation

Our team crafted a sophisticated algorithm to help our client identify and label each product against the corresponding clinical segment to simplify the management of an increasingly complex catalog of healthcare products. This innovation greatly simplifies inventory management and enables medical sales and marketing personnel to pinpoint the right products promptly.

What we provided:

Enhanced catalog usability with AI-driven navigation tools

Keyword labeling Optimized search Feedback loop

Facilitated quick skimming and labeling of keywords in product descriptions through natural language processing-based optimized solution. This optimizes search activities and saves medical and sales teams time by reducing the complexity of navigating extensive catalogs.

Improved search efficiency for medical teams. This allows for faster and more accurate retrieval of product information without manual sifting through descriptions.

Enabled product managers to contribute insights, explain, and correct real-world clinical usage. The feedback loop fosters collaboration between medical practitioners, product managers, and sales and marketing teams for effective catalog management.


Realizing the impact of data integration

The immediate impact

Enhanced data accessibility

Product managers and sales teams gain immediate access to critical sales data through the Catalog360 dashboard, streamlining the gathering and analyzing of information on best-selling products.

Strategic business recommendations

The readily available data empowers teams to make informed business recommendations. This facilitates quick decision-making that aligns with current market trends and consumer demands.

The long-term benefits

Trend analysis and strategic insight

Tracking and comparing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) over time helps identify essential business trends and opportunities, laying the groundwork for long-term strategic planning.

Feedback-driven improvement

The system’s incorporation of ground-level feedback ensures continuous refinement and enhancement of the solution, leading to increased usability and accuracy. This iterative process ensures the model remains adequate and relevant to the evolving needs of the business.

Access the PDF version of this case study for convenient reference and easy sharing.

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