Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

F100 CPG Brand: Enabled a scalable and replicable one-stop product for all key eCommerce analytics needs

Harmonized data coming from multiple data sources into a data lake resulting into a single source of truth for all ecommerce analytics needs
Client Success Stories

F100 Global Bank: Directional guide to enable continuous website and app design improvements

Deployed AIDE to capture in-page interaction & highlight errors leading to friction in customer digital journey that led to impact on conversion
Client Success Stories

F100 Media Broadcaster – Hyper Personalized Customer Experience Score (CES)

Harmonized a customer 360 solution from 25+ data sources and created an ensemble AI framework leading to a hyper personalized experience metric for every customer
Client Success Stories

F100 Media Broadcaster – ML Engine based next best recommendation​

Built an AI model that services call agent screens to surface top 3 product recommendations and provided call agents with relevant conversation context leading to uplift in sales

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Client Success Stories

F500 CPG Giant – Innovation Analytics

Fractal provided and end to end scalable solution for measuring incrementalities of innovation products launched by the client leading to more informed decision making for future strategy
Client Success Stories

F500 CPG Giant – POS Pipeline Automation

Fractal built a data lake in GCP where retail data was extracted from different sources like SFTP, web portal and ingested into GCP data lake enabling single source of truth for the client
Client Success Stories

F500 CPG Giant – Revenue Growth Management

Fractal built an analytics workbench and RGM consumption platform on GCP to enable strategic planning using pricing simulations
Client Success Stories

F500 CPG Giant – Sales Data Harmonization

Fractal’s leveraged Concordia to build a data analytics solution in GCP pulling in data from multiple data sources and addressed the data standardization & harmonization issues faced by the client

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