Treasury and Risk Management

Fractal’s Finance Analytics leverages sensitivity/scenario analysis and data science to help businesses make effective decisions even with uncertain internal and external environments, making treasury and risk management more future-oriented. These future-focused views across multiple time horizons help organizations prepare better to manage any downside risk and hedge accordingly.

Below are our offering in this section:

  • Fraud Detection – Identifying and preventing false pretenses through real-time tracking of financial transactions, systems, and practices.
  • Financial Auditing – Assuring & maintaining ‘stakeholders’ confidence about the authenticity of financial systems, processes, and reports.
  • Risk analytics – Utilizing real-time information & cutting-edge technologies to measure and manage financial risk across key parameters.
  • Forex Analysis – Predictive analytics and early warning systems to assist businesses to anticipate and prepare for market movements and trends.
  • Cash Flow Management – Reports to spot trends, prepare for the future and tackle any organization’s cash flow problems.
Finance Controllership

Fractal’s Finance Analytics uses data engineering, advance data science, and visualization tools to create a system for continuous control and monitoring with automated reviews of financial statements, governance and control, return on investments and other activities where controllers are involved.

AI-ML solutions and automation bring in speed, accuracy, and efficiency to an organization’s accounting and financial reporting. We help organizations with interactive self-service applications with cognitive insights and futuristic views.


Below are our offering in this section:

  • Balance Sheet Management – Forming greater visibility behind what’s driving account balances & their full financial implications.
  • P/L Management – Transforming decision-making process by providing the capability to observe, certify and make judgments on P/L.
  • Record to Report – Reimagining record to report process using RPA and advance analytics enables automated, faster, and error-free books closure.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance – Enforcing financial processes and procedures to ensure integrity in day-to-day business practice.
  • Cost Management & Optimization – Enabling continuous discipline to drive cost reduction while maximizing business value.
Finance Business Partnering (1)

How can finance use meaningful data intelligence to provide real-time decision support across multiple functions in an organization? How do we enable finance to become a strategic business partner from just being record keepers and data custodians?

Through integrated finance, we break silos between functions and bring synergies for analytical support to uncover the in-depth insights business needs for future planning and guide more profitable decision-making.


Below are our offering in this section:

  • Spend Analytics – Analyzing expenditure data to reduce sourcing costs, vendor rationalization, optimize operational costs and improve overall cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Transformations/CoE – Driving end to end financial transformations by developing best practices, knowledge base and ways of working.
  • Working Capital Optimization – Leveraging receivables management, payables management & inventory management to ensure sufficient cash flows for meeting short-term financial obligations.
  • Profitability Analysis – Helping decision-makers to maximize their profits and the financial opportunities that they can take advantage of.
  • Financial Forecasting – Providing business direction by enabling understanding of what drives business, basis consumer demands, and market trends.
Financial Planning

FP&A is the backbone of the financial management system of every organization, and we at Fractal bring in the expertise to help face the economic challenges of the rapidly changing world due to globalization and technology advancement.

We use AI-ML, robotics, design, and cloud-based engineering to help CFO organizations plan, forecast, budget, and perform other analytical activities to measure the organization’s overall health and support in major business decisions.


Below are our offering in this section:

  • Strategic Financial Planning – Predictive and driver-based planning through cross-collaboration across functions/departments to support strategic business decisions.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting – Continuous budgeting cycles to deal with the dynamic market conditions using rolling forecasts and driver-based projections.
  • Variance Analysis – Better planning and control by analyzing how business performance is getting impacted, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Financial Consulting – Creating strategic value by delivering pragmatic solutions to clients’ basis their financial situations.
  • Performance Monitoring and Analytics – Aggregating multitude of data and delivering analytical, diagnostic & prescriptive reports providing clear insights and conclusions.