Operating intelligence and BCP during COVID
  • Epidemiological models to identify risk of infection to frontline staff
  • Store traffic management, early warning for hazards and choke points
  • Trial Run: Merchandise management for essential categories
Behavioral science
  • Establish behavioral norms that help slow the spread, are easy to implement and have large reach
  • Nudge to drive voluntary participation and responsible behavior by shoppers
  • Data to identify hot-spots and high product-browsing aisles, and behavioral science to drive required norms
COVID adjusted demand forecasting
  • Store level forecasts, adjusted for stock up, increased consumption
  • Online customer demand; returns prediction
  • Anomaly detection
Efficient product supply
  • Real time monitoring, predictive and prescriptive maintenance of plant and machinery
  • Ship on workbench: Risk mitigation for outbound shipping during COVID-19 ship
  • Donate/Destroy/Trigger promo optimization for near end life products
Financial forecasting
  • Working capital & cash flow projections
  • Available investment for SKU support
  • Instrument valuation and hedging
Integrated business performance from the home office
  • Enable executives to self serve and make data based decisions from home with human centric design and cognitive tools