Execute your production better across make-to-stock, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order processes

Improve your manufacturing efficiency and production planning with connected insights across QCDMS components of production. Achieve real-time visibility across manufacturing processes with components of reliability engineering like predictive maintenance and time to failure parameters.

Optimize your manufacturing processes with:

  • IIOT analytics: Predict production anomalies in real-time, and enable plant users to identify key drivers leading to unplanned system downtime.
  • Shop floor analytics: Predict ‘time to failure’ for assembly lines, analyze drivers of system downtime, and increase production line availability.
  • Capacity and demand modelling: Estimate the right manufacturing capacity that an organization has to invest in to meet 100% service levels.
  • Quality control: Predict off spec production through production line drivers and prescribe counter measures to produce end product.